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Loewe Puzzle Bag Size Comparison (and Dupes!)

Updated: Aug 2, 2018

My downright obsession with Loewe began after watching Emma Hill review her Puzzle Bag (ahem, her bag's name is Judith, don't you forget). I love Emma's style and she's ridiculously relatable, and unbeknownst to her, I can credit her with being one of the reasons I went back to blogging. One day I'll have to send her a thank you something-or-other.

Prior to Loewe, I never liked handbags. I own(ed) one beautiful Longchamp 3D Leather Tote that I carried a mere handful of times (it's for sale on my Depop). I preferred to carry everything in my pockets – handbags in general seemed too "matronly" and "girly" for me, whatever that means.

The Loewe Puzzle Bag changed all that. It's a bit masculine (it was originally made as a men's bag), somewhat boxy, slouchy, and ridiculously beautiful. The quality of the leather and workmanship makes me giddy. I love it so much I bought three...uh, just so I can do a size comparison for you, of course. ;)

I purchased all three at different times and during different sales and promotions. The Large I bought from Luisaviaroma with a 15% off code and a large rewards voucher. I picked up the Medium (also just known as simply the "Puzzle Bag" without any size notation) from FWRD at $100 less than everyone else, plus free shipping, no tax, and no duties. The Small is from SSENSE at $200 less than everyone else, plus free shipping, no tax, and no duties.

I have yet to name them. Help wanted!

The Dupes!

I found dupes for you in case the original isn't on your Hit List:


Below are the various Puzzle measurements listed online. I don't know if it's just me or what, but what they're calling the length of the bag ought to be called the height. *insert head scratch here* So for clarity's sake, I'm going to upload a diagram soon of the corresponding measurements on each bag (check back here by mid-August).

Large Puzzle Bag

  • Centimeters: 36.5 cm W x 23 cm L (Height) x 19 cm D

  • Inches: 14.5" W x 9" L x 7.5" D

  • Measurements I took from my bag: 14" W x 9.25" L x 6" D

Puzzle Bag (Regular/Medium size, often just called "Puzzle Bag")

  • Centimeters: 28 cm W x 19 cm L (Height) x 12 cm D

  • Inches: 11.2" W x 7.5" L x 4.8" D

  • Measurements I took from my bag: 11" W x 7.5" L x 5" D

Small Puzzle Bag

  • Width: 24.1 cm / 9.4 in

  • Length: 15.2 cm / 6 in

  • Depth: 10.2 cm / 4 in

  • Measurements I took from my bag: haven't done it yet, will post them mid-August! I suspect the retailer measurements are right on par with this one as well.

Where to Purchase

I like Luisaviaroma, Matchesfashion, FWRD, Farfetch, or SSENSE because they do not add sales tax or shipping fees (plus they often participate in Ebates or offer discount codes).They often wrap the cost of shipping and duties into the price of the item. You can buy the Puzzle at Saks or Net-a-Porter, but you will end up paying another $200-$400 in sales tax.

  • (this is the size and color I have, but I purchased it for way less on Luisaviaroma)

  • (this will take you to all the available Puzzle sizes and colorways)





What about you – is the Puzzle Bag or its dupes on your Hit List?


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