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Hey everyone! I’m Stephanie, skin care aficionado, author, science nerd, fashion lover, and founder of Epic Beauty Guide. I started Epic Beauty Guide in 2009 with the goal of providing a comprehensive resource for anyone wanting to achieve healthy, beautiful skin.

My goal is to share my research and knowledge for your benefit – I would love to see more of us open up to our genuinely beautiful (inside and out) selves. We only get one body this life, so let’s make the most of it.


As always, thanks for joining me!

-Steph  x

And for shits n' giggles, here's a bit of my old bio:

I started Epic Beauty Guide in 2009, after realizing there was a huge lack of quality information on how to bring out natural beauty. An article titled “How to Get Flawless Skin” would inevitably be about masking your face in chemical goop to appear to have flawless skin. Well. I thought that was incredibly dumb. How about an article on how to actually get flawless skin? You know, so you can just wake up and roll out of bed looking great.


Thus, Epic Beauty Guide was borne out of necessity and my desire to inspire and help people to get and stay naturally beautiful (or handsome, for the dudes). I have poured all my knowledge and heart into Epic Beauty Guide in order to give super-detailed skin care advice, articles on eliminating acne and other skin disorders, DIY skin and hair treatments, product reviews, and health and diet tips.

In 2010, my incredible readers requested a book. And kept requesting it. So I finally decided to do it, and since its publication, it has helped thousands of people clear up their skin. My heart swells with happiness when I get emails, comments, and Facebook messages telling me how your skin is glorious and that you feel, finally, naturally beautiful. It’s your birthright, baby!

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