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2018 Favorite Beauty & Health Tools

Updated: Aug 2, 2018

Behold! ;) A collection of my favorite, would-rather-not-live-without tools of 2018. For some tools, I've also included similar items that are super budget-friendly.

1. PMD Clean, $99. I have been using a Clarisonic on-and-off for years, but happened across this tool one day and decided to buy it on a whim. I was admittedly skeptical, especially after being sent perhaps every cleansing tool on the market over the years. But I like this one! I love that the silicone is way quicker and easier to clean than the Clarisonic brushes. I just swipe the silicone bristles with an alcohol pad. I also love that I don't have to replace any brushes, and it doesn't irritate my skin after extended use. I haven't had to charge it or replace the regular AA battery yet (it's only been two months or so).


2. Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Rechargeable Toothbrush, $189. I don't remember a time before my beloved Sonicare. I started using one at 13 when my orthodontist recommended it. I've linked the one I currently own, which is my third Sonicare. I use an SLS-free natural toothpaste with it, followed by a 30-second rinse of 3% hydrogen peroxide (recommended by my dentist). Result: a very happy dentist and no cavities ever!


3. Copper Tongue Cleaner, $7.95 for 12 pieces. I was introduced to tongue scraping and oil pulling in 2006, and while I dropped the oil pulling because it took forever and grossed me out, I wouldn't be able to stop using a tongue scraper even if I tried. The brand I linked here is my favorite. I've used other brands, and other types like stainless and plastic versions, but I like that copper is naturally antibacterial, easy to clean, and looks a bit prettier on your bathroom counter. Trust me, you won't feel like your day is complete until you clean your tongue when you wake up and before bed. Health starts in the mouth and in the gut, yo.


4. Ultrasonic Facial Spatula, $39. I love these sonic scrubbers for getting a crazy good clean. I use one from Kinga, but you can pick any one of hundreds on the market. In summer especially when you're hot and sweating under sunscreen and getting all the clogged pores, this will come in handy. I do my usual double-cleanse, and while my face is wet, I use this guy to really get in there and clean my wee pores. It's amazing the junk that you'll see on the end of the spatula! Don't use it every day as it could irritate your skin, and remember to keep your face really wet with water or a toner while using it.


5. FasciaBlaster, $89. This tool is amazing for sore or tight muscles, fascia adhesions, tight hips, and exercise recovery. I use it almost daily in the shower with body wash because it feels awesome, gets the circulation going, and makes my skin all glowy. Some people use this tool in a really aggressive, regimented fashion where they use a sauna and massage oil and all that, but that's too intense and time-consuming for me. I find that the way I use it helps keep my tissues healthy and flexible (alongside my regular visits to a good friend who is a Rolf Method practitioner), especially since I sit and work on my Mac for most of the day.


I have purchased everything in this post with my own dollhairs/money. This post is not sponsored. I do use affiliate links where available, which does not effect your purchase at all and gives a small percentage back to me as a thank you for supporting EBG.

What are your favorite health and beauty tools right now? Anything I should try?


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Sarah Banks
Sarah Banks
09 de ago. de 2019

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Ilija Sekulov
Ilija Sekulov
16 de abr. de 2019

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