Epic Beauty Guide | Stephanie Elizabeth | My Natural Skin Care Routine December 2013

My Skin Care Routine for Clear, Radiant Skin (Plus Makeup!)

My skin care rou­tine changes often due to all the lovely skin care prod­ucts I am sent for review, and while so many of them are beau­ti­fully for­mu­lated, they are bet­ter suited to other skin types or con­cerns. Thus I am fiercely loyal to the rare gems that come across my desk, and they are […]

My Skin Care Routine — November 2011

Hey every­one! I did two other posts on my skin care rou­tine back in Jan­u­ary and April, and I fig­ured it was about time to do another one since some things have changed. Since stick­ing to a 100% paleo/primal foods for about 4 months now (instead of half-assing it for the 2+ years), my skin […]