My Diet & Exercise Routine — June 2011

Hey every­one! This has been such a long time com­ing and I have received plenty of emails ask­ing for an update on what I eat and what I do for exer­cise, and all kinds of details. So here it is! IMPORTANT! This is what I do for my body, and what I do may not necessarily […]

How to Get a Model Body — Naturally and Healthily

Every­one has a dif­fer­ent idea of the “per­fect” physique – whether it is curvy, lean and toned, skinny and sinewy, mus­cu­lar, or super buff. I find many types of bod­ies attrac­tive, but for my own body, I like a long, lean, toned look — no added bulk, and def­i­nitely no bulky arms! “Bulky” also means […]