Grow Your Hair Longer & Thicker

This is a favorite topic of mine because I have fine hair that is nat­u­rally curly, and I’ve always been inter­ested in mak­ing my hair longer and thicker. This is all the infor­ma­tion I have gath­ered for the last sev­eral years. I also just dis­cov­ered an awe­some YouTube chan­nel yes­ter­day called YouTips4U, with some great […]

Get Flawless Skin Without Makeup — Part I

Nat­ural beauty is just that — nat­ural. It means you don’t have to slather on seven lay­ers of makeup in order to appear to have beau­ti­ful skin. So how would you like to wake up in the morn­ing and be com­fort­able walk­ing out the door with min­i­mal or no makeup? Here’s how. {STEP #1} Your […]