August Skin Care Routine – 2010

August Skin Care Routine – 2010

Okeedoke! So here is my official August skin care routine that I’ve been doing consistently for at least 3 months now (some of the products are recent additions though). I thought I would share because it’s good to know what other people use, what works, and also because I get a lot of requests to spill the beans. ;D

Oh! I almost forgot about the FTC disclaimer: I never accept payment for reviews, nor am I affiliated with any of the brands mentioned. Sometimes I am sent products to review, but actually doing a review on them is up to me and whether I think it’s good enough to recommend to you guys.

I embedded the video below, and I included all the links to the products in this article.


100% Pure Lavender Honey Facial Cleansing Foam, $18, 6 oz.
In the summer, I use this nightly and I usually wash twice — a real quick once-over and rinse, and then a second time where I spend about 30-60 seconds gently massaging the cleanser on my skin. You get a better, more thorough, but non-irritating washing that way. In winter, I wash nightly or every other night.


Skin Apothke Ubtan Scrub, $9, 2 oz. (lasts foreverrrrr)
Great for all skin types, works really well on sensitive and dry skin. Safe to use just once a week, or every other night. Imparts an amazing glow on your skin, and your skin will feel so incredibly smooth and nourished, not dry or irritated. I love this scrub.


Neem Man Neem Leaf Extract, $36, 8.4 oz.
I’m thoroughly addicted to this product. It comes straight from Australia, and it’s seriously worth the price. It lasts for a very long time, and it works really well to prevent blemishes and tone the skin. It’s a great product to have around for everything — blemishes, bug bites, sunburn, eczema, whatever you need it for, neem is there for you! 😉 I get the 250 ml bottle (8.4 oz.) every 2 or 3 months. I believe it’s an extra $10 or $11 to ship to the United States. (P.S. This is especially good for sensitive and dry skin that cannot tolerate tea tree oil.)


100% Pure Coffee Cherry Caffeine Face Cream, $31.50, 1.6 oz. (lasts forever)
100% Pure Nourishing Facial Oil, $25, 1 oz.
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, $12-$16 for 12-16 oz. at grocery stores
I like to rotate between these three moisturizers, and sometimes I include Tropical Traditions virgin coconut oil ($19.95 for 16 oz.) in the mix too. I like switching it up and I don’t use a moisturizer every night in the summer. In the winter, I use a moisturizer once or twice per day, and I’ll layer the oils with the face cream. I like to use the Nourishing Facial Oil around my eyes as well, as it is hydrating, anti-aging, and doesn’t clog pores.


Best Bath Store Acne Treatment Gel, $16.95, 4 oz.
Just shake it up really well and apply a little amount to whatever spots need treating. Totally non-drying and also works great as a preventative for spots, which is great if you’re prone to hormonal pimples and blackheads in larger areas. Overall it’s the best blemish fighting stuff I’ve ever used.

Mario Badescu Silver Powder, $12, 1 oz.
This stuff has gotten over 100 stellar reviews on Makeup Alley — I’ve used it twice since I got it a week ago and love it. It works great for unclogging pores and preventing and removing blackheads. This will be a staple of mine, and I recommend it to anyone who gets blackheads or large pores or very oily skin that tends to get congested. Plus, you don’t use much, so this jar would probably last you a year if you used it 1-3 times per week.


Home Health Cold Pressed Castor Oil, $8.29, 16 oz.
I’ve used castor oil on my lashes for years and I swear by it. It truly nourishes your lashes, keeping them thick and healthy. Sometimes I wear my natural mascara and when I take it off at the end of the day, I apply a little bit of castor oil to re-nourish and re-hydrate my lashes.

Muji Cut Cutton Pads in Large, $4.95, 120 pads
These are great all-natural unbleached cotton pads, excellent for use with toners and lotion masks (a skincare technique recommended in Chizu Saeki’s Japanese Skincare Revolution book). I bought 4 bags of them back in December ’09 and I’m just now going through my second one. Well worth it.

Aloe Vera Gel – Fresh, ~$6.99 for a plant at nurseries
Aloe is a moisturizing, calming, healing, blemish fighting, wonderous plant. I highly recommend getting a plant or two (or three), taking good care of them (keep them in full sunlight, don’t overwater), and using their amazing gel when you need it. I’ve been using it nightly for about a week and tried it as a primer before putting on tinted moisturizer for an event — it worked great!

I always love knowing what you guys use in your skin care routines that work for you, so feel free to post a comment!
~Steph x

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