August Skin Care Routine — 2010

August Skin Care Routine — 2010

Okee­doke! So here is my offi­cial August skin care rou­tine that I’ve been doing con­sis­tently for at least 3 months now (some of the prod­ucts are recent addi­tions though). I thought I would share because it’s good to know what other peo­ple use, what works, and also because I get a lot of requests to spill the beans. ;D

Oh! I almost for­got about the FTC dis­claimer: I never accept pay­ment for reviews, nor am I affil­i­ated with any of the brands men­tioned. Some­times I am sent prod­ucts to review, but actu­ally doing a review on them is up to me and whether I think it’s good enough to rec­om­mend to you guys.

I embed­ded the video below, and I included all the links to the prod­ucts in this arti­cle.


100% Pure Laven­der Honey Facial Cleans­ing Foam, $18, 6 oz.
In the sum­mer, I use this nightly and I usu­ally wash twice — a real quick once-over and rinse, and then a sec­ond time where I spend about 30–60 sec­onds gen­tly mas­sag­ing the cleanser on my skin. You get a bet­ter, more thor­ough, but non-irri­tat­ing wash­ing that way. In win­ter, I wash nightly or every other night.


Skin Apothke Ubtan Scrub, $9, 2 oz. (lasts forever­rrrr)
Great for all skin types, works really well on sen­si­tive and dry skin. Safe to use just once a week, or every other night. Imparts an amaz­ing glow on your skin, and your skin will feel so incred­i­bly smooth and nour­ished, not dry or irri­tated. I love this scrub.


Neem Man Neem Leaf Extract, $36, 8.4 oz.
I’m thor­oughly addicted to this pro­duct. It comes straight from Aus­tralia, and it’s seri­ously worth the price. It lasts for a very long time, and it works really well to pre­vent blem­ishes and tone the skin. It’s a great pro­duct to have around for every­thing — blem­ishes, bug bites, sun­burn, eczema, what­ever you need it for, neem is there for you! 😉 I get the 250 ml bot­tle (8.4 oz.) every 2 or 3 months. I believe it’s an extra $10 or $11 to ship to the United States. (P.S. This is espe­cially good for sen­si­tive and dry skin that can­not tol­er­ate tea tree oil.)


100% Pure Cof­fee Cherry Caf­feine Face Cream, $31.50, 1.6 oz. (lasts forever)
100% Pure Nour­ish­ing Facial Oil, $25, 1 oz.
Organic Extra Vir­gin Olive Oil, $12-$16 for 12–16 oz. at gro­cery stores
I like to rotate between these three mois­tur­iz­ers, and some­times I include Trop­i­cal Tra­di­tions vir­gin coconut oil ($19.95 for 16 oz.) in the mix too. I like switch­ing it up and I don’t use a mois­tur­izer every night in the sum­mer. In the win­ter, I use a mois­tur­izer once or twice per day, and I’ll layer the oils with the face cream. I like to use the Nour­ish­ing Facial Oil around my eyes as well, as it is hydrat­ing, anti-aging, and doesn’t clog pores.


Best Bath Store Acne Treat­ment Gel, $16.95, 4 oz.
Just shake it up really well and apply a lit­tle amount to what­ever spots need treat­ing. Totally non-dry­ing and also works great as a pre­ven­ta­tive for spots, which is great if you’re prone to hor­monal pim­ples and black­heads in larger areas. Over­all it’s the best blem­ish fight­ing stuff I’ve ever used.

Mario Bade­scu Sil­ver Pow­der, $12, 1 oz.
This stuff has got­ten over 100 stel­lar reviews on Makeup Alley — I’ve used it twice since I got it a week ago and love it. It works great for unclog­ging pores and pre­vent­ing and remov­ing black­heads. This will be a sta­ple of mine, and I rec­om­mend it to any­one who gets black­heads or large pores or very oily skin that tends to get con­gested. Plus, you don’t use much, so this jar would prob­a­bly last you a year if you used it 1–3 times per week.


Home Health Cold Pressed Cas­tor Oil, $8.29, 16 oz.
I’ve used cas­tor oil on my lashes for years and I swear by it. It truly nour­ishes your lashes, keep­ing them thick and healthy. Some­times I wear my nat­u­ral mas­cara and when I take it off at the end of the day, I apply a lit­tle bit of cas­tor oil to re-nour­ish and re-hydrate my lashes.

Muji Cut Cut­ton Pads in Large, $4.95, 120 pads
These are great all-nat­u­ral unbleached cot­ton pads, excel­lent for use with ton­ers and lotion masks (a skin­care tech­nique rec­om­mended in Chizu Saeki’s Japan­ese Skin­care Rev­o­lu­tion book). I bought 4 bags of them back in Decem­ber ’09 and I’m just now going through my sec­ond one. Well worth it.

Aloe Vera Gel — Fresh, ~$6.99 for a plant at nurs­eries
Aloe is a mois­tur­iz­ing, calm­ing, heal­ing, blem­ish fight­ing, won­der­ous plant. I highly rec­om­mend get­ting a plant or two (or three), tak­ing good care of them (keep them in full sun­light, don’t over­wa­ter), and using their amaz­ing gel when you need it. I’ve been using it nightly for about a week and tried it as a primer before putting on tinted mois­tur­izer for an event — it worked great!

I always love know­ing what you guys use in your skin care rou­ti­nes that work for you, so feel free to post a com­ment!
~Steph x


  1. Here’s my rou­tine:

    Morn­ing: I rinse my face with water then wipe on either witch hazel hydrosol or neroli hydrosol. If I have any zits, I dab tea tree oil on. Right now since it’s sum­mer I don’t always mois­tur­ize after­ward, but if I do I use either Weleda Skin Food or Amber’s Organ­ics car­rot oil facial cream. I really like the tex­ture of this and the way it sinks in and makes my skin feel really soft. I’ve only been using it for a cou­ple of days, though, and my skin tends to be pretty picky with moi­tur­iz­ers, so hope­fully it won’t cause any break­outs because I really like the way it makes my skin feel. It does actu­ally have a few ingre­di­ents that could tech­ni­cally help blem­ishes, so hope­fully it won’t cause them.

    Evening: Wash with either 100% Pure Laven­der Honey Facial Cleans­ing Foam (love this, btw,) or 100% Pure Purity cleanser. (This one is tech­ni­cally mar­keted toward acne-prone skin, and while I don’t really break­out much any­more, my skin does let me know right away with some lovely zits if I’ve used a pro­duct it doesn’t like, so I thought this could be a good pre­ven­ta­tive cleanser. It’s also very cool­ing and tingly due to the pep­per­mint and euca­lyp­tus in it, and feels so good in the hot sum­mer weather.) Then I do a lotion mask using Amber Organic’s hydrat­ing Pep­per­mint Orange facial toner, and once that dries, apply Best Bath Store acne gel if I have any spots at the moment. Fol­low­ing that, I mois­tur­ize with jojoba oil, some­times using it plain and some­times mix­ing in a few dif­fer­ent essen­tial oils for extra heal­ing.

    My skin looks pretty good right now doing this. It has a really nice healthy glow to it, and though I have a few zits along my jaw caused by the sham­poo I was using, those are rapidly going down with the use of the Purity cleanser and the BBS gel.

    Stephanie, just out of curios­ity, in the morn­ing do you just rinse your face with water? It sounds like you don’t use a cleanser in the morn­ing, so I was just won­der­ing if you just wash with water or use a toner or any­thing.

    • Hey Jenn, thanks for shar­ing your rou­tine! I’m going to check out the Amber’s Organ­ics line since you like it. To answer your ques­tion, no I don’t wash my face in the morn­ing. Usu­ally I spray some neem leaf extract on a cot­ton pad and wipe my T-zone, and fin­ish with a light spray of the neem directly onto my face. I might also mois­tur­ize my cheeks since my T-zone doesn’t need any mois­tur­iz­ing in the sum­mer. But that’s it for the morn­ing. 🙂

      ~Steph x

  2. Thanks for answer­ing my ques­tion! The Amber Organ­ics line has some really great prices–that’s what ini­tially drew me to it. I rec­om­mend check­ing both her ebay and her web­site because some prod­ucts listed in her ebay store are not listed on her site and vice versa. Also, do check her prod­ucts because while most are hand­crafted using herbs from her gar­den and pure essen­tial oils and what­not, a few do have some chem­i­cals in them. There is a dis­claimer on the site say­ing that they are try­ing to find new sup­pli­ers, as some of the stuff they buy comes from sell­ers who add chem­i­cals. Most of the stuff is really good, though. Great cus­tomer ser­vice, too. I’ve just recently started using her prod­ucts, but so far so good, and there is so much to choose from. 

  3. Hey I am post­ing a com­ment here for the first time–

    I actu­ally bought the Ubtan face scrub by Skin Apothke through your rec­om­men­da­tion , since i know what Ubtan means I kind of also wanted to try it out myself just to see because usu­ally I can mix my own com­bi­na­tion of stuff, so seri­ously I was not expect­ing much but I have been blown away. I could not believe how soft my skin looked in just one use and you are right Stephe­nie it has a nice soft glow to it that I never have got from any­thing else, I am amazed and stu­pe­fied at how easy it is to get such nice glow­ing skin with some­thing so sim­ple from just a mix­ture of pow­ders! not only that I have had some past acne marks that have been clear­ing away, I am using this on my skin every night as a cleanser, I have never used any­thing before in my life that has had the abil­ity to do this. I mix this with yogurt(on alter­nate days) oth­er­wise with water and leave it on as a paste for five min­utes and rinse off to beyond gor­geous skin.

    I wanted to tell you that thank you so much for bring­ing this to our atten­tion and rec­om­mend­ing this to us, I am con­vert to epicbeau­tyguide for rec­om­men­da­tions.

    P.S- just to let every­one know- you can­not apply pres­sure while using this scrub, which I kind of did cause I am used to maybe too many tra­di­tional scrubs maybe, but my skin kind of got irritated(not a break out just irri­ta­tion) but I still wanted to use it the next day and I used it as a cleanser and not apply any pres­sure and my skin cleared up the very next day. 

    Thank you

  4. hey there !!! i hv vrey bad oily skin !!! and these prod­ucts are not avail­able in my coun­try !!! 🙁 wht should i do? 

    • Hey there, if you don’t see them in your stores, then check to see if you can order them online. If not, check for sim­i­lar prod­ucts with sim­i­lar ingre­di­ents. I hope that helps! 


  5. hie,

    do post some home made scrubs, face packs and other treat­ments for oily acne prone skin.…

    like your blog..lots of use­ful info..

    keep up the good work


  6. Instead of the Biore black­head strips, I actu­ally just tried non- fla­vored gelatin and milk. Have you heard of that con­coc­tion before? What do you think of it? 

  7. Stephanie I just saw this post about your reg­i­men! I tried to bu the Organic ubtan face scrub by Skin Apothke
    But right ow the sight is under con­struc­tion or some­thing. After all the great reviews I definetly want to try it. I used to exfo­li­ate but I ran out of my cleas­ner so I want to try some­thing new! I decided to get this since I have been get­ting some lit­tle bumps on my cheeks! I will let you know soon what I think once I can order it! I hope I can soon! Thanks so much for the tips!! 


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