Quick Tricks to Ease Common Body Complaints

Quick Tricks to Ease Common Body Complaints

Epic Beauty Guide's Quick Natural Fixes for Body Complaints

Hey every­one! I have been com­pil­ing truck­loads of fast, inex­pen­sive, all-nat­u­ral skin and body “hacks” for years, and many of them were passed down from my grand­par­ents and older friends. Give these 8 tips for eas­ing body com­plaints a shot the next time you need a lit­tle help.

Med­ical Dis­claimer: I assume you are all smart cook­ies, but have to put a dis­claimer in here. I am not a med­ical doc­tor (yet) and noth­ing in this post should be con­sid­ered med­ical advice. Con­sult your physi­cian prior to imple­ment­ing any of the advice herein.

This the cheap­est trick in the book, and I use it on my fam­ily mem­bers when they (rarely) get an indi­ges­tion prob­lem.

  • Drink a small glass of water. This will bal­ance the pH of your stom­ach and ease diges­tive upset and heart­burn. The upset should go away with 1 or 2 min­utes. Seems silly, but it works.
  • Not going away after the water and it’s been 5–10 min­utes? Put 1 Tbsp. unfil­tered, organic apple cider vine­gar in 8–10 oz. of water. Drink up. That should do it!
  • In the future, pre­vent the prob­lem by eat­ing slower and chew­ing each bite com­pletely. You can also take 1 Tbsp. unfil­tered, organic apple cider vine­gar in water prior to eat­ing, to help diges­tion. Alter­na­tively, use lemon juice on your food or con­sume some sauer­kraut with your meals.

There are sev­eral causes (e.g. low iron, low B vit­a­mins, stress, poor sleep, sleep apnea, insulin imbal­ance, tan­nins) and you should see a doc­tor or natur­opath if the prob­lem per­sists.

  • For a quick pick-me-up, take 2 tsp. of black­strap molasses. You can also make your­self a deli­cious pro­tein smoothie (I rec­om­mend Sun Warrior’s War­rior Blend since it’s whey-free and rice-free, and non-chalky) – blend 1 scoop SW War­rior Blend with fil­tered water, ice, some molasses/maple syrup/raw honey to taste, a hand­ful of berries, and maybe 1 Tbsp. peanut but­ter or almond but­ter (all nat­u­ral, no salt/sugar added).
  • Try exer­cise. It sounds coun­ter­pro­duc­tive, but a quick run or a yoga class will increase blood flow and boost your energy. Over the long-term, reg­u­lar activ­ity will give you a steady sup­ply of energy.
  • Drink your tea with meals, or cut down on it. Black tea con­tains tan­nins that decrease iron absorp­tion, lead­ing to fatigue. Green tea, on the other hand, is a stress-reliev­ing energy booster.

This tip comes in handy a lot, and is espe­cially timely now that we’re head­ing into win­ter.

  • Make sure you’re get­ting enough healthy bac­te­ria – the diges­tive tract is the seat of our immune sys­tem. Take pro­bi­otics, and incor­po­rate goat yogurt and/or sauer­kraut into your daily diet.
  • Enjoy a healthy diet of green leafy veg­gies, omega-3 eggs, , wild-caught fish, and grass-fed meats. Ditch the grains, they only weaken you by increas­ing inflam­ma­tion and spik­ing insulin, and there is very lit­tle nutri­tional value (you get more nutri­ents from veg­eta­bles and meats).
  • Eat chopped or crushed gar­lic, and keep the gar­lic in the fridge since it keeps the allicin intact (garlic’s antibacterial/virla/fungal com­pound).

Gar­lic tastes amaz­ing and should be eaten and enjoyed often! But you shouldn’t have to suf­fer the breath-related con­se­quences.

  • Swish some full-fat milk in your mouth and spit it out (don’t swal­low the milk). If you desire, rinse and repeat.

Occa­sion­al­con­sti­pa­tion can hap­pen when you travel, make dietary changes, or have increased stress. If you have a recur­ring con­sti­pa­tion prob­lem, hon­estly assess your diet and/or con­sult your doc­tor.

  • Eat 5 large prunes (max­i­mum 10…more than that could be a lit­tle too much for you). The fiber and sor­bitol in the prunes acts as a gen­tle lax­a­tive. (Bonus: prunes help to increase your bone den­sity — weird but true!)
  • Eat leafy green veg­gies, fruits, drink only water (and lots of it), and go on daily walks.
  • Treat your­self to a colon hydrother­apy ses­sion (do your research – DO NOT use a closed sys­tem, you want an open sys­tem like a Libbe), or do an enema. It’s safe and effec­tive when done prop­erly (and for peat’s sake, don’t put cof­fee in the water and shove it up your bum…plain, fil­tered water is per­fectly fine and the only thing that you should be using).

Smelling bad is not nat­u­ral or nor­mal. Our “nat­u­ral scent” is sup­posed to be just sort of plain and maybe musky, but noth­ing offen­sive. Here’s how to fix it.

  • If you’re eat­ing a lot of junk food, eggs, or onions, you may have found your cul­prit right there.
  • Eat more green leafy veg­gies and zinc-rich foods. Chloro­phyll and zinc sig­nif­i­cantly reduce body odor. Some zinc-rich foods include: beef, lamb, pump­kin seeds, turkey, spinach, broc­coli, Swiss chard, col­lards. If you opt to take a zinc sup­ple­ment, opt for a 15 mg. one and check with your doc­tor first. It’s easy to get too much zinc, and you don’t want to over­dose.

Water reten­tion and bloat­ing hap­pens to the best of us. Take the swelling down fast with these two tips.

  • Take a cool bath/shower or swim in cool water for about 30 min­utes. Cold water forces your body to elim­i­nate excess fluid, since it tends to hold onto water when it thinks you’re hot or dehy­drated.
  • Con­sume potas­sium-rich foods and flu­ids, like coconut water, leafy greens, and water­melon.

Yeast infec­tions and UTIs are com­mon woman issues, but you don’t have to set­tle for the nasty cycle of UTI-antibi­otic-yeast infec­tion-fun­ci­cide-and so on.

  • Take pro­bi­otic cap­sules. This keeps fun­gus in check and helps to strengthen your body’s hold on healthy, immune-boost­ing bac­te­ria. This also guards against UTIs.
  • If dairy doesn’t illicit pim­ples for you, eat plain, unsweet­ened, organic/grass-fed yogurt. Lac­tose intol­er­ant? Eat goat yogurt.
  • 2x/day, soak a tam­pon in yogurt (plain and unsweet­ened!) and insert it. Leave it in for about 5 min­utes (longer is not nec­es­sar­ily bet­ter). This puts the good bac­te­ria right at the site of infec­tion to kill off the yeast and put every­thing back in bal­ance, and has an instant sooth­ing effect.
  • Reoc­cur­ring infec­tions? Look at your diet – elim­i­nate grains and sug­ars. Eat low-glycemic veg­gies, fruits, seafood, and meats.

Those are just a small sam­pling of cheap, effec­tive tricks I’ve learned over the years. Have any of your own? Leave a com­ment!
~Steph  x


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