MUN No.1 Aknari Nighttime Dream Youth Serum Review | Epic Beauty Guide

MUN No. 1 Aknari Review (a.k.a. How to Get Dewy, Glowing Skin) + 10% Off

You guys are like my fam­ily and the prod­ucts I review are like the ner­vous boyfriend. Thus, I am very picky and don’t want to intro­duce just any­one to my fam­ily. I have to absolutely love it. So today, I want to intro­duce you to MUN. MUN No.1 Aknari — Night­time Dream Youth Serum Review I […]

Get Rid of a Sudden Breakout | Get Rid of a Pimple Fast | Epic Beauty Guide

How to Get Rid of a Sudden Breakout

Whether it is one pim­ple or ten, this is my down-and-dirty sys­tem for elim­i­nat­ing a sud­den break­out caused by stress or a few bad eat­ing days. This lit­tle sys­tem ensures that red­ness and inflam­ma­tion cease within 12 hours, and any blem­ishes are com­pletely gone within 24–72 hours. Your results might dif­fer (hope­fully for the better!), […]

CLEAN Results and Do It Yourself CLEAN Kit

CLEAN Cleanse: Finished! Advice and Do-It-Yourself CLEAN Kit

All done! 21 days com­plete. I feel great. My skin looks stel­lar. I learned that this was not just about the smooth­ies and a restricted diet. It became about remem­ber­ing to breathe, to slow down (which I always con­fused with lazi­ness), and to stop doing a mil­lion things at once. I relearned how to stop […]

CLEAN Cleanse Clean Kit Shake Review | Epic Beauty Guide

Days 11–18: CLEAN Cleanse Program

I am near­ing the end of my cleanse (only 3 days left), and even though I’m lov­ing it, I am look­ing for­ward to hav­ing a bunch of nigiri for my first post-cleanse meal. More results My skin looks the same from last week. I feel ener­gized, my sleep is deep and refresh­ing, and I often […]

CLEAN Cleanse Program Lunch Day 10 | Epic Beauty Guide

Days 5–10: CLEAN Cleanse Program & RESULTS! [Pictures]

Every­thing has been going incred­i­bly well on the CLEAN cleanse. Week 1 was great, and week 2 has proven to be much the same. I am both excited and a bit sad that there are only 11 days left. Halfway through! Results so far My energy and focus is much bet­ter, and I no longer feel that […]

30 Minute Skin Ritual for Baby Soft Skin | Epic Beauty Guide

30 Minute Ritual for Baby Soft Skin

I went to a spa yes­ter­day (day 7 of my CLEAN cleanse) for some relax­ation and TLC, which came highly rec­om­mended by the CLEAN team (and I am not about to argue with a spa day). I hit it off with my won­der­ful ther­a­pist, who had gor­geous skin and a skin care phi­los­o­phy to match. […]

CLEAN Shake Mix Ingredients and Nutrition Fact | Epic Beauty Guide

Days 2–4: CLEAN Cleanse Program

This cleanse has been amaz­ing. No headaches, no crav­ings, no fatigue. In fact, no neg­a­tive symp­toms at all. I attribute that to the fact that there’s noth­ing my body is lack­ing (except sushi). I’m mak­ing sure to eat enough pro­tein and get enough micronu­tri­ents. I find it help­ful that the CLEANSE shake packet is formulated […]

CLEAN Day 1 Breakfast Shake | Epic Beauty Guide

Day 1: CLEAN Cleanse Program

This evening con­cludes Day 1 of my 21-day CLEAN pro­gram. This is what Day 1 looked like for me Sat in the morn­ing sun for about 30 min­utes while my pup sun­bathed next to me. I was very proud of myself for not check­ing emails and stu­pid crap on my phone dur­ing this time. Went inside and […]