Natural Beauty on a Budget

Natural Beauty on a Budget

Hey every­one! I just post­ed about my per­son­al skin care and hair care rou­tine, and I want­ed to respond to one of the com­ments I received so it can help you guys out:

…Do you have any sug­ges­tions or alter­na­tives for those of us look­ing to make our skin and hair care more nat­ural with­out break­ing the bank?


This is a great ques­tion. If you’re used to spend­ing $3 on a bot­tle of Suave or Pan­tene, then you hon­est­ly won’t find any­thing com­pa­ra­ble to that cost in the all-natural/organic mar­ket. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, it is more expen­sive to pro­duce healthy things, and until the cor­po­rate and eco­nom­ic envi­ron­ment shifts over to accom­mo­date low­er prices of nat­u­ral and organ­ic prod­ucts, con­scious con­sumers will have to pay more. Grant­ed, some of the­se nat­u­ral brands are bent on being a high-end pro­duct (in order to com­pete with high-end depart­ment-store type brands) and car­ry­ing a high price tag. It’s unfor­tu­nate, but you’ll find that with any pro­duct, nat­u­ral or not. It often becomes all about sell­ing an image and a per­cep­tion instead of sell­ing a qual­i­ty pro­duct that is tru­ly healthy for us, but that’s more of a philo­soph­i­cal and eth­i­cal dis­cus­sion, and I’m focused on what we can actu­al­ly do about it.

Now, if you are accus­tomed to fork­ing over $20 or $30 (or more) per bot­tle for a fan­cy salon or depart­ment store pro­duct, then it makes sense to shift over to a nat­u­ral pro­duct in that gen­er­al price brack­et since you’ll find many of them there.

It may also help to look at qual­i­ty, all nat­u­ral and/or organ­ic prod­ucts for how much they cost per day or per mon­th, rather than balk­ing at a high­er price at the onset. A mois­tur­iz­er that costs $30 but is com­plete­ly healthy for you and lasts 3–4 months, costs $7.50-$10 per mon­th. I would rather spend a lit­tle more mon­ey on my food and skin care prod­ucts than risk get­ting a com­plete­ly pre­ventable dis­ease because I decid­ed to spend a few bucks less on a cheap­er, arti­fi­cial pro­duct.

Here are a list of brands that are accept­able in terms of how nat­u­ral and effec­tive they are. There may be a few things that I’m not par­tic­u­lar­ly fond of, but we all have to do the best we can.

If you find inex­pen­sive brands of natural/organic prod­ucts in a local store or online, just read your labels and make sure they are free of SLS (sodi­um lauryl/laureth sul­fate), parabens, and petro­le­um-based prod­ucts or byprod­ucts. Just do your best!

I’m sure I missed a few good natural/organic brands that are on the low­er end of the price spec­trum, so if you have a nat­u­ral beau­ty brand you would like me to inves­ti­gate, feel free to leave a com­ment!
~Steph  x

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