My Summer Skin Care & Beauty Favorites

My Summer Skin Care & Beauty Favorites

My Summer Skin Care & Beauty Favorites

Sor­ry it’s been so long! How is every­one? 😀

For my first post of June, I would like to share with you my favorite sum­mer skin care and beau­ty prod­ucts.

1. Trop­i­cal Tra­di­tions Gold Stan­dard Vir­gin Coconut Oil. This is my sta­ple, but I use it a lot more in sum­mer than I do in win­ter. If I go out and wear eye make-up, I use this to gen­tly remove it with­out sting­ing my eyes. I also use it to pre­vent black­heads and blem­ish­es, since coconut oil con­tains lau­ric acid, which is a pow­er­ful non-tox­ic fun­gus and bac­te­ria fight­er. I just keep a jar of this in my cup­board, and in the sum­mer it stays in a soft, semi-liq­uidy state so it’s easy to use a cos­met­ic spat­u­la, spoon, cot­ton bud, or cot­ton swab to scoop out some coconut oil. Then you just put it on your skin wherever you want. Some peo­ple use it in their hair, but for my fine, curly hair, I prefer to use pure­ly mois­tur­iz­ing oils (I list one below).

2. Best Bath Store Acne Treat­ment Gel. This stuff is amaz­ing. You can dab this on at night and it dra­mat­i­cal­ly reduces any pim­ple (and red­ness) to almost noth­ing by morn­ing. Bet­ter yet, you can also put it on in the morn­ing and no one will know. Oh! And it doesn’t dry your skin out at all. It has a funky herbal scent that I real­ly like, and the ingre­di­ents are pure and 100% nat­u­ral, of course. This gel will be espe­cial­ly use­ful if you work­out a lot and tend to get sweat-relat­ed blem­ish­es on  your back — this gel clears it right up.

3. John Mas­ters Organ­ics Cit­rus & Neroli Detan­gler. This is a great con­di­tion­er for dry hair. I put a lit­tle on my ends before sham­poo­ing to pre­vent the ends from dry­ing out, then once I rin­se out the sham­poo, I re-apply the con­di­tion­er far­ther up my hair and let it sit for a few min­utes. I’m left with soft, deli­cious-smelling hair that’s not weighed down at all (which is easy to do to my hair!).

4. Organ­ic Apoteke Detox Face Mask. This is a great face mask. I usu­al­ly make my own, but I didn’t want to pass this up because I loved the ingre­di­ents and it got great reviews on Make­up Alley. I tried a spray tan about 2 weeks ago and my skin react­ed pret­ty neg­a­tive­ly to it (read: break­outs), so with the help of this mask and the BBS Gel (above), it cleared up 100% in 2 days. So this mask has a per­ma­nent place in my cup­board, and gets 5 stars for being very sooth­ing, reduc­ing red­ness, and elim­i­nat­ing exist­ing prob­lems as well as pre­vent­ing any new ones. And again, love the ingre­di­ents for being pure, organ­ic, and 100% nat­u­ral.

5. 100% Pure Organ­ic Laven­der Hon­ey Facial Cleans­ing Foam. I love this company’s entire pro­duct line, but this is my favorite. I use this face wash most of the time — I’ll change it up occa­sion­al­ly by using goat milk pow­der mixed with water, or their cran­ber­ry foam wash. This wash smells won­der­ful, works well, and doesn’t dry your skin out. I even used this for a while in the win­ter, and still no bad dry­ing effect, which was sur­pris­ing con­sid­er­ing the major­i­ty of face wash­es I’ve tried always cause some dry­ing. About once a week I’ll mix my laven­der wash with 1 tsp. of real­ly fine organ­ic sug­ar or some MSM pow­der to make an awe­some scrub. If you have nor­mal or oily skin, you can try mix­ing it with alu­minum-free bak­ing soda (I like Bob’s Red Mill vari­ety).

6. Sir­cuit Skin Cos­me­ceu­ti­cals Hand­some Cre­me. Every­one I know loves the incred­i­ble smell of this thick lotion, and the name (Hand­some) is so cute and catchy you’ll nev­er for­get it. The ingre­di­ents are great and very heal­ing, and even con­tains fruc­tooligosac­cha­rides, which is a pre­bi­otic that helps to feed the good bac­te­ria on our skin (this is why I also rec­om­mend yogurt for the skin all the time, even though yogurt is more of a pro­bi­otic than a pre­bi­otic).

7. Hair Ther­a­py Wrap Cord­less Ther­mal Tur­ban Heat Wrap. Michelle sent me one of the wraps to try and I’m real­ly glad she did because I’d been think­ing about buy­ing one for a few months. I use this with my John Mas­ters Organ­ics Laven­der & Avo­cado Inten­sive Con­di­tion­er or Weleda Rose­mary Hair Oil (see below). First I put the conditioner/oil on, put on a show­er cap, put the entire ther­a­py wrap (it has microwave­able heat pads inside) in the microwave for a min­ute or two, and then pop it on my head over the show­er cap. It’s a bit heavy for my head (they’re com­ing out with lighter gel-packs soon), so I usu­al­ly leave it on for about 20–40 min­utes. It stays hot for a long time, which I like, and you can always re-microwave it if you think it’s not hot enough. I’m glad it’s not super-hot because I’m not a fan of any kind of heat dam­age. ;D I love the results, it makes the con­di­tion­er work that much bet­ter. This is a must-have for sum­mer, espe­cial­ly if you’re swim­ming in hair-dam­ag­ing chlo­ri­nat­ed pools or the salty ocean.

8. Weleda Rose­mary Hair Oil. Rose­mary and bur­dock are two of the main ingre­di­ents in the all-nat­u­ral oil, and both are known for pro­mot­ing scalp bal­ance and hair growth. I use this oil at least once per week and my hair feels and looks so amaz­ing­ly healthy that I went out and bought two more bot­tles so I’d nev­er run out. ;D I pour a bit into my hands and take my time gen­tly mas­sag­ing it into my scalp (I pour more into my hands as I go along, my goal is to coat all of my hair) and smooth­ing it through all the way to the ends. Then I wrap my hair in a bun and either put my heat­ed hair wrap over it (see above), or I do a work­out which heats up your scalp (and your whole body, for that mat­ter) and helps the oil works its mag­ic.

9. Aura Cacia Vanil­la Essen­tial Oil (in Jojoba Oil). Oh…my…goodness. This smells so incred­i­ble. I love nat­u­ral per­fume oils, and this one is my favorite along with their Jas­mine essen­tial oil. I just dab a few drops on my skin and smooth any remain­ing bit into my hair. Mmmm! If you’re sen­si­tive to com­mer­cial per­fumes and tend to sneeze or get headaches around scents, then you’ll absolute­ly LOVE this because it’s com­plete­ly nat­u­ral and only has 2 ingre­di­ents — jojoba oil and real vanil­la extract. Plus, it’s cheap­er than com­mer­cial per­fumes and even if you use one or two drops a day (which is all you need), it’s going to last you at least two months.

10. Sweet Bee Mag­ic All Over Skin Cream. Sweet Bee sent me a jar and two lit­tle sam­ples (which I gave to some friends so they could get hooked) of their pro­duct a few months ago, and haven’t had a chance to try it until now. It real­ly reminds me of Egyp­tian Mag­ic, but for some rea­son, it works a lot bet­ter for me than EM ever did. If you ever get dry patch­es or if you’re prone to dry feet because you walk around bare­foot a lot or do yoga, this will soon turn into your holy grail of skin creams. I had a lit­tle dry patch on the my left cheek yes­ter­day, and when I woke up this morn­ing is was 80% gone. It’s very sooth­ing and incred­i­bly mois­tur­iz­ing. Hoorah!

Just an FTC note: I’m nev­er paid by or affil­i­at­ed with any of the prod­ucts I rec­om­mend, and I always tell you if I received an item for free (the hair wrap and bee mag­ic, in this case).

Let me know if you use or try any of my favorites! I’d love to know what you think.
~Stephanie  x

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