My Diet

My Diet

My Diet - Epic Beauty Guide

I’ve been get­ting a lot of requests for my per­son­al diet, so I’m going to share all that with you in today’s post.

My diet changes with the sea­son and in between based on what my body wants. About two months ago, I was eat­ing a lot of brown rice and rice milk, but that came to an end when I start­ed want­i­ng more juicy, light­weight foods like fruit. I don’t stick with one dietary ide­al, and I no longer give myself a dietary label either. I only cement myself to some basic guide­li­nes, which is to eat organ­ic, whole foods and in the case of ani­mal prod­ucts, humane­ly raised and grass-fed. I also love to cook, so I make about 95% or more of my meals at home, and when I go out to eat, I love sushi, Japan­ese and Thai food, and Mediter­ranean food. May­be my diet will give you some ideas, but don’t fol­low it exact­ly — lis­ten to your own body, make sure you see what it’s try­ing to tell you and give it what it needs.

So I gen­er­al­ly eat when I am hun­gry, which is about every 2 or 2 1/2 hours because I eat small por­tions (about 1 or 2 hand­fuls of food) at one sit­ting. I don’t like to feel full or stuffed, so that’s why I eat small­er meals and space them out dur­ing the day, which means I don’t have a “break­fast, lunch, din­ner” rou­tine. Graz­ing through­out the day is what I’ve done since child­hood, and I feel best doing that.

Please keep in mind this is just a gen­er­al idea. For instance, I eat a vari­ety of fruits, not just mel­on and apples (which I men­tion a lot below). ;D

Glass of plain water or lemon water; or herbal tea like Yogi Detox or dan­de­lion root

Erewhon brown rice cere­al with almond milk or rice milk; or oat­meal with blue­ber­ries and raw hon­ey; or 1–2 apples with 1–2 Tbsp. almond but­ter; or 2 per­sim­mons
Fruit! Usu­al­ly 1/2 a can­taloupe, hon­ey­dew, or water­mel­on

A tall glass of green juice, 14 — 16 oz. I rotate what I put in the green juice so it’s nev­er the same for more than 3 days in a row. I like to use cucum­ber every day, how­ev­er. A typ­i­cal juice will look like this: cucum­ber, cilantro, kale, tiny knob of gin­ger, apple. Anoth­er juice might be: cucum­ber, cel­ery, pars­ley, red leaf let­tuce, apple.

Brown rice with steamed broc­coli or spinach; or home­made fried rice cooked in olive oil with gar­lic, greens, and local fam­i­ly-raised eggs; or some kind of fish or grass-fed meat
More fruit, per­haps the oth­er 1/2 of the mel­on I had for break­fast; or a fruit smooth­ie; or a green smooth­ie (a mix of fruit, water, and greens — like a green juice

Pen­ne alla vod­ka fam­i­ly recipe made with brown rice pas­ta and steamed greens; or an apple with 1 Tbsp. almond but­ter; or 1–2 per­sim­mons; or 3–4 oz. steamed or poached salmon with steamed greens
Fruit with almond but­ter; or home­made tuna sal­ad made with grape­seed oil Veg­e­naise, cucum­ber, and sweet onion served on romaine let­tuce; or cold tuna rice pas­ta with a home­made olive oil/raw honey/lime/vinegar dress­ing

Usu­al­ly some­thing I made ear­lier in the day — I like to make a big batch of one thing and eat that through­out the day or eat the rest the next day

Some­thing small and with pro­tein and/or fat so I don’t get super hun­gry right before bed or wake up starv­ing. In fall/winter it might be 3–4 oz. of goat yogurt with 1 Tbsp. of raw hon­ey or a pinch of pow­dered green ste­via leaf; or a small apple with 1 Tbsp. almond but­ter. In spring/summer I might have some left­over salmon or tuna sal­ad from the day, or a small smooth­ie of some sort.

You might have noticed a few things are absent from my diet, and that is inten­tion­al. I do not eat the fol­low­ing foods because after much tri­al and error (and research), I dis­cov­ered that the­se were not good fuel for my body and often caused prob­lems, includ­ing diges­tive upset and skin issues. They also came up as minor food allergies on my test­ing, so I can have them once in a while with­out a real prob­lem. Gen­er­al­ly I just avoid them. ;P I don’t think of it as restric­tion, it doesn’t both­er me at all that I don’t eat the­se foods. Now, if I want a brown­ie or ice cream, you bet I’m going to eat it, but that is a rare occur­rence and there’s noth­ing wrong with a lit­tle indul­gence now and then.

  • No wheat/gluten (some­times I will have home­made, hardy whole-grain bread)
  • No cow dairy of any kind
  • No corn
  • No refined sug­ar, e.g. white sug­ar, brown sug­ar, cane sug­ar, rapadu­ra
  • No soy milk, tofu, or soy sauce (wheat-free tamari is fine)
  • No pork or chick­en
  • No shell­fish, e.g. crab and shrimp
  • No choco­late
  • No caf­feine
  • No hydro­genat­ed oils or mar­garine

I don’t mea­sure my food and I don’t count calo­ries, I just eat a hand­ful or two of food 6–7 times per day, and I don’t stuff myself. Almost every­thing I get is organ­ic cer­ti­fied or raised organ­i­cal­ly, which isn’t super expen­sive because I eat a lot of fruits and veg­eta­bles and (in fall/winter) brown rice, which is about $40-$60 every week or so, or I buy it local­ly or online in bulk which keeps the cost down.

Part of my diet includes sup­ple­ments, which are very impor­tant for every­one because today’s food is much less nutri­ent-dense than our food from years ago. So unless you’re grow­ing your own food and enrich­ing the soil with min­er­als and eat­ing pounds of veg­e­ta­tion every day, I would def­i­nite­ly rec­om­mend whole food based (non-syn­thet­ic) sup­ple­ments. I take the fol­low­ing sup­ple­ments dai­ly:

So I hope that was help­ful! If you have any ques­tions, def­i­nite­ly ask. 🙂

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