Is Wanting to Be (and Stay) Beautiful a Bad Thing?

Is Wanting to Be (and Stay) Beautiful a Bad Thing?

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I go to to work­out with Zuzana every day, and her video/blog post two days ago was really lovely — it made me think about how we per­ceive oth­ers and their quest to be attrac­tive. Here is an excerpt of what Zuzana wrote:

To me it’s almost unreal that there are actu­ally peo­ple who are not ashamed to tell you that tak­ing care of your health, body and appear­ance is bad. Do they really think that they are bet­ter peo­ple for say­ing these things to oth­ers? When I hear some­thing like this, I just think to myself how mis­er­able and unhappy these peo­ple must be. … all that neg­a­tiv­ity from oth­ers comes from neg­a­tive feel­ings like jeal­ousy. There is noth­ing more pathetic then jeal­ous and envi­ous peo­ple who strike out in order to hurt oth­ers. Per­son­ally I avoid neg­a­tive peo­ple as much as pos­si­ble. I just ignore them and let them deal with their own frus­tra­tions. That’s why I read every com­ment that I get, because I don’t want my blog, which I con­sider my per­sonal space to be pol­luted by frus­trated, unhappy and jeal­ous peo­ple.

Crit­i­ciz­ing and judg­ing oth­ers for what­ever rea­son will not bring you your own hap­pi­ness. Keep focus­ing on being a happy, healthy, fit, strong, lov­ing, friendly and beau­ti­ful per­son. We can each be all of these things, but we have to allow our­selves to feel this way.”

Is want­ing to be beau­ti­ful and healthy a bad thing? Well I bet you can guess my answer. It’s no, of course. A big fat no. Now, if all you think about is your­self and how you look, then you might want to reeval­u­ate what liv­ing truly means, and all that you’re miss­ing out on because you’re too con­cerned with the face in the mir­ror. How­ever, most of us just have a gen­eral desire to be attrac­tive — to have smooth, clear skin, shiny hair, bright eyes, a nice smile, and a healthy body. And guess what? Every­one can have that, quite nat­u­rally and with min­i­mal effort (though it may take quite the effort in the begin­ning if you’ve been on the “wrong” track for a while).

That is why I’m writ­ing this blog, so I can spread the knowl­edge I’ve accu­mu­lated, and con­tinue to accu­mu­late, about the sub­ject of nat­u­ral, human beauty (and hope­fully tell me about yours, too!). It’s an impor­tant sub­ject, but not the only sub­ject in the world. Beauty has many facets, and while writ­ing or read­ing about how to get and stay gor­geous may seem super­fi­cial, it really does go much deeper. After all, beauty and health go hand in hand. You can’t have one with­out the other. So if some­one rolls their eyes when they catch you read­ing about beauty tips, or com­ments that you should focus less on your­self, remem­ber that your desire to be nat­u­rally beau­ti­ful (or hand­some, if you’re a manly man) will end up car­ry­ing you fur­ther in life — you’ll be health­ier, hap­pier, and longer lived because of it.

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