Is Wanting to Be (and Stay) Beautiful a Bad Thing?

Is Wanting to Be (and Stay) Beautiful a Bad Thing?

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I go to to workout with Zuzana every day, and her video/blog post two days ago was really lovely — it made me think about how we perceive others and their quest to be attractive. Here is an excerpt of what Zuzana wrote:

“To me it’s almost unreal that there are actually people who are not ashamed to tell you that taking care of your health, body and appearance is bad. Do they really think that they are better people for saying these things to others? When I hear something like this, I just think to myself how miserable and unhappy these people must be. … all that negativity from others comes from negative feelings like jealousy. There is nothing more pathetic then jealous and envious people who strike out in order to hurt others. Personally I avoid negative people as much as possible. I just ignore them and let them deal with their own frustrations. That’s why I read every comment that I get, because I don’t want my blog, which I consider my personal space to be polluted by frustrated, unhappy and jealous people.

Criticizing and judging others for whatever reason will not bring you your own happiness. Keep focusing on being a happy, healthy, fit, strong, loving, friendly and beautiful person. We can each be all of these things, but we have to allow ourselves to feel this way.”

Is wanting to be beautiful and healthy a bad thing? Well I bet you can guess my answer. It’s no, of course. A big fat no. Now, if all you think about is yourself and how you look, then you might want to reevaluate what living truly means, and all that you’re missing out on because you’re too concerned with the face in the mirror. However, most of us just have a general desire to be attractive — to have smooth, clear skin, shiny hair, bright eyes, a nice smile, and a healthy body. And guess what? Everyone can have that, quite naturally and with minimal effort (though it may take quite the effort in the beginning if you’ve been on the “wrong” track for a while).

That is why I’m writing this blog, so I can spread the knowledge I’ve accumulated, and continue to accumulate, about the subject of natural, human beauty (and hopefully tell me about yours, too!). It’s an important subject, but not the only subject in the world. Beauty has many facets, and while writing or reading about how to get and stay gorgeous may seem superficial, it really does go much deeper. After all, beauty and health go hand in hand. You can’t have one without the other. So if someone rolls their eyes when they catch you reading about beauty tips, or comments that you should focus less on yourself, remember that your desire to be naturally beautiful (or handsome, if you’re a manly man) will end up carrying you further in life — you’ll be healthier, happier, and longer lived because of it.

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