I Heart Daily Beauty Interview

I Heart Daily Beauty Interview

I Heart Daily Epic Beauty Guide Interview

Hey everyone! Exciting news: I was featured in today’s I Heart Daily newsletter. 🙂 If you haven’t subscribed to them yet, definitely do so! I’ve been subscribed to them for over a year and they find the coolest stuff.

Here is a little excerpt from their newsletter/website:

Beauty Blogger: Stephanie of Epic Beauty Guide

11-03-10: Stephanie Elizabeth is the blogger/vlogger behind Epic Beauty Guide. She offers complete and informative advice on how to keep our skin healthy and happy by using natural products.

In addition to her site and YouTube channel, she also has a book, The Real Guide To Flawless Skin. “I started to get a lot of requests for a book on how to get rid of acne,” says Stephanie. “My goal was to make it very clear and uncomplicated, and a lot of the advice could be used to treat eczema as well since they are both inflammatory conditions.”

This lady knows what she’s talking about (her skin is glowing!). Read on for some stellar beauty advice and tips!

I Heart Daliy: What motivated you to start your beauty blog? READ MORE…

I hope you enjoy the article. :))
~Steph  x

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