I Heart Daily Beauty Interview

I Heart Daily Beauty Interview

I Heart Daily Epic Beauty Guide Interview

Hey every­one! Excit­ing news: I was fea­tured in today’s I Heart Daily newslet­ter. 🙂 If you haven’t sub­scribed to them yet, def­i­nitely do so! I’ve been sub­scribed to them for over a year and they find the coolest stuff.

Here is a lit­tle excerpt from their newsletter/website:

Beauty Blogger: Stephanie of Epic Beauty Guide

11–03-10: Stephanie Eliz­a­beth is the blogger/vlogger behind Epic Beauty Guide. She offers com­plete and infor­ma­tive advice on how to keep our skin healthy and happy by using nat­u­ral prod­ucts.

In addi­tion to her site and YouTube chan­nel, she also has a book, The Real Guide To Flaw­less Skin. “I started to get a lot of requests for a book on how to get rid of acne,” says Stephanie. “My goal was to make it very clear and uncom­pli­cated, and a lot of the advice could be used to treat eczema as well since they are both inflam­ma­tory con­di­tions.”

This lady knows what she’s talk­ing about (her skin is glow­ing!). Read on for some stel­lar beauty advice and tips!

I Heart Daliy: What moti­vated you to start your beauty blog? READ MORE

I hope you enjoy the arti­cle. :))
~Steph  x

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