I Bought a Clarisonic Skin Care Brush

I Bought a Clarisonic Skin Care Brush

I’ve been doing some hard­core research into the Clar­ison­ic skin care brush (<– I linked it up so you can see what I’m talk­ing about) late­ly because I have heard so many great things about it, and I am espe­cial­ly inter­est­ed in its appar­ent abil­i­ty to reduce dry patch­es and der­mati­tis. I am prone to get­ting dry, pink patch­es on my cheeks, and some­times my fore­head, and this always occurs in win­ter and/or when I eat choco­late haha. Bum­mer. So I decid­ed to plop down my dol­lars for a Clar­ison­ic Plus (and I got free ship­ping, woohoo), and we’ll see how it does with my dry patch­es. I’ll give it a week, and if my skin isn’t back to its hap­py self by then, I’m going to do a good old fash­ioned 3 day water and herbal tea fast. It’s so strange that even with a good, clean diet, dai­ly exer­cise (I do either pilates, yoga, or cir­cuit train­ing every day), lots of water, and so on, I will still get my ran­dom lit­tle dry skin patch­es because I live in a bone dry desert with blaz­ing hot house heaters. That’s what I get. 😉

By the way, I want to pur­chase a humid­i­fier — does any­one have a good rec­om­men­da­tion? I’ve been hunt­ing around for a decent one for what seems like forever. The ones I’ve seen all have reports of leak­ing and over­all cheap­ness of qual­i­ty.

The­se two videos, in addi­tion to find­ing LOADS of inde­pen­dent reviews, are what con­vinced me to invest in this device. I embed­ded them here in case you want to watch. (Oh, and I love Oprah and this was one of her “Favorite Things,” so that cer­tain­ly didn’t hurt when I was mak­ing my deci­sion hehe.)

Note: make sure you scroll to the end of the post to read my warn­ing about the Clar­ison­ic and its war­ran­ty.

Once I get my Clar­ison­ic in the mail, I’m going to post a thor­ough review!

I am def­i­nite­ly a com­par­ison shop­per, and I found some good deals on Ama­zon, eBay, and Beau­ty Choice for Clar­ison­ics. I also found that peo­ple were com­plain­ing all over the place about the war­ran­ty being invalid. So I called Clar­ison­ic and asked about it to see if it was true.

I was told that if you pur­chase one of their devices from Amazon/eBay/etc., that they do not war­ran­ty the­se units because the­se sell­ers are unau­tho­rized to sell them. Clar­ison­ic also dis­con­tin­ues sell­ing the units to the­se unau­tho­rized retail­ers when they find out what spa name they’re oper­at­ing under. Clar­ison­ic only war­ranties units sold from their web­site and from autho­rized spas or estheti­cians. I end­ed up buy­ing mine from their web­site because it was only about $10 more (and it’s free ship­ping, yay) and hav­ing the two-year war­ran­ty in case it fails is real­ly impor­tant to me when I’m spend­ing $225 on a piece of equip­ment.

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