How to Keep Your Skin Flawless in Fall (Plus Good News + Promo Code!)

How to Keep Your Skin Flawless in Fall (Plus Good News + Promo Code!)

Hey every­one!

I know it’s been a hot min­ute since I’ve post­ed on the blog. I don’t like to share this kind of stuff, though I fig­ured I should let you in on the fact that I have been han­dling some unex­pect­ed health stuff for a while and my focus has been on get­ting 100% bet­ter – I’m almost there!

Now that it’s Fall, I thought this would be a per­fect time to share my tricks for keep­ing skin smooth, hydrat­ed, and blem­ish-free as it gets cold and dry.

Winter is Coming

Use a Low pH Cleanser

I bab­ble a lot about pH, but that’s only because it’s pret­ty much the key to keep­ing your skin from turn­ing into a dry, patchy mess of dust. Our skin is nat­u­ral­ly acidic, about 4.5 to 5.5 on the pH scale. This healthy acid­i­ty is how we keep bac­te­ria out and hydra­tion in, which pre­vents issues like acne or annoy­ing dry patch­es. Often a quick pH fix is all it takes to make a dra­mat­ic dif­fer­ence in the health of your skin. Avoid cleansers with a pH high­er than 6.5 – even then I per­son­al­ly prefer to use cleansers that have a pH of 4 to 5.5 at most. Some cleansers test this for you, oth­er times you may have to hunt down the pH online, or test it your­self to make sure what you’re using is good for your skin (more on that lat­er).


My low pH cleanser favorites:

For my hands (which are prone to get­ting super dry) and as a body wash, I actu­al­ly use a low pH face wash – Cer­aVe Foam­ing Facial Cleanser. You’ll notice it’s not real­ly a green beau­ty pro­duct, yet that’s a non-issue for me now (I have some half-writ­ten arti­cles – or may­be I’ll do a video instead? – on why cer­tain ingre­di­ents aren’t the mon­sters they’ve been made out to be).

Hydrate the “Right” Way

There’s some con­fu­sion out there between dehy­dra­tion and actu­al dry skin as it relates to oil pro­duc­tion. You can have oily skin and dehy­drat­ed skin at the same time. Dehy­dra­tion can most often come from using alka­line skin care (see above on pH) and eat­ing a less-than-opti­mal diet. We’ll address the skin care part today.

Right, so real quick – do not con­fuse oil with hydra­tion. Face oils and oil-based mois­tur­iz­ers are best used as a final step as an occlu­sive to hold water-bind­ing ingre­di­ents (like hyaluron­ic acid, which we’ve been see­ing a lot of late­ly) to the skin. Lay­er your prod­ucts prop­er­ly and you’ll be reward­ed with plump, smooth skin that you’ll won’t be able to stop pok­ing.


My hydration loves (in order of application from lightest to heaviest):

CV Skin­labs Res­cue + Relief Spray and CV Skin­labs Calm­ing Mois­ture are the gold­en cou­ple of body care, so if you’re prone to dry skin on your hands, elbows, legs, etc. def­i­nite­ly stock up on the­se two. First use the spray, and while your skin is slight­ly damp, apply the mois­tur­iz­er. Heav­en.

Extra Help for Blemishes

If you’re strug­gling with blem­ish­es, it’s def­i­nite­ly impor­tant that you eat well, sleep, etc. – you know, all the usu­al things you hear every­one going on about but may not know why exact­ly they’re so impor­tant or where to even begin. If you have acne and not just an occa­sion­al two-pim­ple break­out, you might want to read my book (you can read it free via Ama­zon Kindle Unlim­it­ed) to get a good, easy plan start­ed before “analy­sis paral­y­sis” grabs hold of you and you do noth­ing about it. In the mean­time, I do have two quick top­i­cal tricks to destroy­ing the occa­sion­al break­out and help­ing to calm exist­ing acne.

My favorite anti-blemish hacks:

As always, thank you for all your sup­port since Epic Beau­ty Guide began over 7 years (!) ago. Let me know if you have any ques­tions or need help with your skin.

~Steph  x

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