A Complete Guide to the Best Natural Face Oils [Infographic]

A Complete Guide to the Best Natural Face Oils [Infographic]

Face and body oils are a cen­turies old beau­ty tra­di­tion. They are lux­u­ri­ous, antibac­te­ri­al, pro­tec­tive, and high­ly mois­tur­iz­ing. In the recent past, oil got a bad rap and oil-free prod­ucts reigned supre­me. How­ev­er, the oils that were caus­ing all the trou­ble were (and still are) syn­thet­ic or unwhole­some processed oils that can clog pores and unbal­ance the skin’s oil pro­duc­tion. Now that peo­ple are start­ing to come around on the sub­ject and learn the dif­fer­ence between good oils and bad oils, oil-based cleansers, mois­tur­iz­ers, and serums are mak­ing a huge come­back. The amount of face oils now on the mar­ket now is stag­ger­ing, but a lot of them are the typ­i­cal fluff in a pret­ty bot­tle. As usu­al, I am here to help you wade through the mish­mash and make a great choice for your skin.


Download the PDF Face Oil Guide Here

Download the JPG Face Oil Guide Here


Why Face Oils are Perfect

Our skin loves fat. LOVES it. Which makes sense, since our skin pro­duces its own fat (sebum) that acts to pro­tect our skin from out­side assailants (bac­te­ria, fungi, funky weath­er). Oils are pro­tec­tive and help main­tain the integri­ty of our skin’s acid mantle, which keeps out bad bac­te­ria and pre­vents blem­ish­es, dry­ness, and irri­ta­tion. Keep­ing the skin hydrat­ed and sup­ple also speeds up heal­ing, so if you have a break­out or a rash or der­mati­tis, a prop­er face oil will do won­ders. Dewy, plump skin is a result of hydra­tion, from both water and fat­ty acids. If you’ve ever made your own aro­mather­a­py treat­ments, you may have heard the term “car­ri­er oil.” That is because oils are used for deliv­er­ing active ingre­di­ents into the skin – effec­tive­ly and with­out irri­ta­tion.

What to Look For in a Face Oil

Most impor­tant­ly, look for unre­fined, min­i­mal­ly processed oils from a com­pa­ny with a good back­ground and solid ethics. Green­wash­ing is preva­lent, and you don’t want to end up with an oil that looks good on paper but doesn’t deliv­er when you use it. You also need to avoid addi­tives and oils pro­duced with chem­i­cals and bleach­ing (those byprod­ucts, such as hexa­ne, end up in the oil and on your skin). Look for organ­ic cer­ti­fi­ca­tions or organ­i­cal­ly grown pledges, as well as words like “cold processed” or “unre­fined.” Avoid ingre­di­ents that sim­ply say “fra­grance” since that can mean it is a syn­thet­ic fra­grance and con­tains phtha­lates (endocrine/hormone-disrupting chem­i­cals). Fun, right? Sen­si­tive skin types should also avoid linalool and limonene, which are com­mon scent addi­tives usu­al­ly list­ed at the very end of ingre­di­ents labels. They are not inher­ent­ly bad, it’s just that sen­si­tive types don’t always agree with them.

How to Use Face Oils

Apply your facial oil to your fresh­ly washed face. Make sure your skin is still a bit damp from the water or your alco­hol-free ton­er. Facial oils are much eas­ier to spread on damp skin, and will also hold the remain­ing water to the skin for deep­er hydra­tion. The best way to apply a facial oil is to dis­pense on or two drops on a fin­ger­tip, spread the oil across your fin­ger­tips, and then pat your fin­ger­tips in quick suc­ces­sion all over your face and neck. Just pat pat pat all over your skin. No need to mas­sage it in. Your warm fin­ger­tips alone will help the oil sink in quick­ly and dis­pense prop­er­ly all over your skin.

Best Face Oils for Your Skin Type

Down­load the info­graph­ic to find out! Click here to down­load the nat­u­ral face oils info­graph­ic PDF or click here to down­load the nat­u­ral face oils info­graph­ic in JPG for­mat.

A Note on Face Oils for Oily & Acne-Prone Skin

Face oils are amaz­ing for oily and acne-prone skin because they help reg­u­late oil pro­duc­tion and are antibac­te­ri­al. Peo­ple with oily skin tend to strip too much oil from their faces through over­wash­ing or using dry­ing skin prod­ucts. This only caus­es the skin to pro­duce more oil to com­pen­sate and leaves the skin’s bar­ri­er weak and vul­ner­a­ble to bac­te­ria (such as p.acnes acne bac­te­ria). You can restore bal­ance and nat­u­ral­ly slow down sebum pro­duc­tion by using qual­i­ty oils. Seed oils are best for oily skin because they tend to pen­e­trate quick­er and leave a very sub­tle dewy fin­ish (or even a more mat­te fin­ish, which argan tends to provide) instead of look­ing or being greasy.

Recommended Facial Oils

I recent­ly launched Epic Beau­ty Bar, where I curate and car­ry only the very best, exquis­ite nat­u­ral brands. Thus, most of the prod­ucts I rec­om­mend are avail­able on EBB. If they’re not avail­able there yet, then I have linked you to where you can eas­i­ly pur­chase the cor­rect facial oil for you. If you need help pick­ing out an oil, leave a com­ment and I will help you.

Lina Han­son Glob­al Face Serum (ide­al for dry, sen­si­tive, mature, and stressed skin)

Acure Argan Oil (ide­al for all skin types – espe­cial­ly oily and acne-prone skin – though very dry skin may need addi­tion­al mois­ture)

MUN No. 1 Aknari Night­time Dream Youth Serum (ide­al for all skin types, though very dry skin may feel the need for addi­tion­al mois­ture)

La Bel­la Fig­u­ra Bar­bary Fig Seed Oil (ide­al for sun dam­aged, stressed, irri­tat­ed, or hor­mon­al skin)

May Lind­strom Skin The Youth Dew (ide­al for all skin types, espe­cial­ly hor­mon­al, sun dam­aged, and mature skin)

Dr. Alkaitis Nour­ish­ing Treat­ment Oil (ide­al for all skin types)

Skin Apotheke Radi­ance Renewal Face Oil (ide­al for anti-aging, dull, sun dam­aged, and acne-prone skin)

Eliz­a­beth Dehn for One Love Organ­ics Active Mois­ture Vit­a­m­in C Serum (ide­al for sun dam­age, dehy­dra­tion, fine lines, wrin­kles, and hyper­pig­men­ta­tion)

One Love Organ­ics Super­crit­i­cal Chia Oil (ide­al for sen­si­tive, dam­aged, flaky, stressed skin or those with der­mati­tis, eczema, or in help­ing to heal oth­er skin dis­or­ders caused by weak­ened skin bar­ri­er func­tion)

This guide will be updat­ed fair­ly reg­u­lar­ly! Leave a com­ment if you have ques­tions or need help. 🙂
~Steph  x


  1. hey there -
    i’m new-ish to your awe­some blog & found you about a mon­th ago when i became des­per­ate to get my new­ly adult acne under con­trol — stat. i have TONS of ques­tions. tons. i’ve nev­er com­ment­ed on a blog before… so i’m gonna start slow & see if i get a respon­se ; ) i know you’re real­ly great with respond­ing. first off, just want­ed to say that i’ve start­ed using all nat­u­ral, organ­ic, qual­i­ty skin care prod­ucts only last week because the oth­er stuff wasn’t work­ing (only wors­ened the sit­u­a­tion actu­al­ly). i’m now in love with Arcona prod­ucts. my break outs pret­ty much stopped after the first use… i’m just now try­ing to light­en my acne scars left­over from the break outs & heal my skin inside & out.
    since this post is about facial oils, my ques­tion is this — i was rec­om­mend­ed to use jojoba oil because my skin was in des­per­ate need to hydra­tion. so far, i’m lov­ing it & my skin is sup­ple & smooth. but i’m won­der­ing if this is the best oil for me? should i be using a more acne-prone oil? also — the kind of oil i have is oxy­genat­ed — do you real­ly think that makes a dif­fer­ence? here’s the brand i use: https://www.inventiveecoorganic.com/cgi/commerce.…

    thanks for all your invalu­able info. — it has helped me so much!

    ps. don’t be sur­prised if you start see­ing me around here with loads of ques­tion!!! ; )

    • Hi Amy,

      Since your a new­bie to Steph’s blog I thought I would let you know awhile back Steph shared on the EBG FB page that she only buys her Carrier/ Essen­tial Oils from 2 places.
      http://anandaapothecary.com/ http://www.mountainroseherbs.com/

      She buys her coconut oil for cook­ing from Trop­i­cal Tra­di­tions.

      I have used Inven­tive Eco-Organ­ic prod­ucts in the past and they are nice, but if you need a pro­duct that’s more afford­able or your going to cre­ate your own face/body oil (Steph post­ed a great DIY body oil recipe a few months back when she was doing the Clean Cleanse.) 

      If your skin is the oily/acne type than jojoba oil as long as you don’t break out with its use should work fine as long as its organ­ic, cold-pressed, and unre­fined.

      Steph is car­ry­ing in the EBB store Cel­sus cream which works for acne scar­ring (Steph has used it and rec­om­mends it in pri­or posts) 


      • hey chelsea —

        thanks so much for respond­ing! i appre­ci­ate the infor­ma­tive feed­back. although i do like the jojoba oil, i feel like it’s not help­ing with the lit­tle pim­ples i tend to get on my fore­head. i think i’ll con­tin­ue to use it since it wasn’t that cheap & it’s hydrat­ing my skin great but will try some­thing else that Steph rec­om­mends next — like the Acure Argan Oil or Skin Apotheke Radi­ance Face Oil. Although i def­i­nite­ly don’t mind invest­ing mon­ey on qual­i­ty prod­ucts for my skin & body, i just think oils shouldn’t be so freak­ing expen­sive ($80 for 1 oz!! ). 

        may­be you can answer this ques­tion for me also? why isn’t any Arcona prod­ucts being sold on the EBB store? i know Steph was real­ly into this line & i’m won­der­ing if she’s moved on & not into it as much? because hon­est­ly, i LOVE the prod­ucts i’ve tried so far. but may­be that’s because it’s my first for­ay into the nat­u­ral skin care thing?? 

        i’m try­ing to catch up on this blog, but my time is so very lim­it­ed, as i have a tod­dler & baby — so thanks for doing the home­work for me! 

        i already pur­chased the Cel­sus scar cream based on Steph’s rec­om­men­da­tion & have been using it for less than 1 week, so i’m keep­ing my fin­gers crossed that it’s as effec­tive as she says it is! 

        and i’m actu­al­ly one of the few peo­ple out there that doesn’t do FB — i know, i’m a Lud­dite!


  2. Hi Steph!
    Can you rec­om­mend a good nat­u­ral foun­da­tion (pow­der or flu­id) for oily, acne prone and sen­si­tive skin? Will they be avail­able in your store? Thanks~ 🙂 

    • Hi Katie!

      For oily, acne-prone skin, you might like Vapour’s Soft Focus foun­da­tion, which is a liq­uid. It is excel­lent for acne-prone and sen­si­tive skin — there’s no dry­ing, harsh ingre­di­ents, and they only use about three essen­tial oils that are non-irri­tat­ing (in fact they are very heal­ing and calm­ing, unlike many essen­tial oils that are overused and can be sen­si­tiz­ing or irri­tat­ing to very sen­si­tive types). 

      And yep! They will be avail­able in my store for you. 🙂 The Vapour foun­da­tions are avail­able already, but I’ll be adding a few oth­ers lat­er (though they are not liq­uid foun­da­tions, they are in stick form): http://www.epicbeautybar.com/vapour-atmosphere-so

      ~Steph x

      • Does it con­tain any spf and is the cov­er­age good? I am cur­rent­ly usinh the face sun­screen from Marie Veronique Organ­ics and i like that it has both sun pro­tec­tion and slight tint. How­ev­er, the cov­er­age is not quite good. Any rec­om­men­da­tions for pow­der type of foun­da­tion which provide good cov­er­age? Seri­ous­ly, I am soo look­ing for­ward to your store! 🙂 

      • Tarte tint­ed bb cream it’s amaz­ing and doesn’t cause break­outs

  3. AWESOME!!!

    This is great, love that its jam packed with impor­tant tips in one sim­ple chart…Steph your rock:) 

    Very true about green wash­ing I researched recent­ly a “nat­u­ral” com­pa­ny for vit­a­m­in e oil (top­i­cal appli­ca­tion) and they actu­al­ly use dl-apl­ha (syn­thet­ic) instead of d-alpha — I was so dis­gust­ed I mean what part of nat­u­ral is syn­thet­ic.

    Steph — what soft­ware did you use to cre­ate the info­graph­ic (I was recent­ly asked by a client for some­thing sim­i­lar in design — though not beau­ty relat­ed) are you using adobe illus­tra­tor?

    • Hey Chels! Let me guess — it was JASON? 😛 

      I use Pho­to­shop and Illus­tra­tor for my projects. For this par­tic­u­lar info­graph­ic, I used both. 

      ~Steph x

      • Thanks sweet­ie, I need to cre­ate an “illustrative/pictorial” flow chart 

        Do you still rec­om­mend the Lily Organ­ics Kukui Sen­si­tive Facial Oil for face/undereyes?

      • I had tried a small lit­tle brand from my local health food store (it wasn’t Jason) but the oil was mixed with anoth­er can’t remem­ber may­be it was olive oil — any­ways it burned my eyes. 

        So I switched to Jason’s because I was told it was noth­ing but pure vit­a­m­in e oil and was all nat­u­ral. It didn’t work on a scar on my leg or under eyes so I start­ed research­ing and found they use syn­thet­ic vit­a­m­in e . They should be ashamed to call them­selves nat­u­ral.

        ~Chelsea xo

  4. Hi Steph :]
    I love me some good qual­i­ty oils. If I could bathe in them all day, I would. I have acne and very dry skin and am cur­rent­ly using RMS Beau­ty Oil and Kahi­na Giv­ing Beau­ty argan oil. They’ve helped with the dry skin tremen­dous­ly, but my acne is not going away and I know deep down in my heart that it’s diet relat­ed. BUT it’s so hard to give up sug­ar and all those grain-based break­fasts! I read that you don’t eat grains, do you fol­low a paleo or pri­mal diet? 

    • Hi Julia,

      I too have extreme­ly dry skin (at least since mov­ing half-way across the coun­try from a hot humid cli­mate to a dry, cold­er one) our skin is great­ly affect­ed by our diet. 

      If you don’t have Steph’s book yet I high­ly rec­om­mend get­ting it, she gives not recipes but meal plans and exam­ples of what she con­sid­ers snacks/meals and foods to avoid. Also lists sup­ple­ments which help with acne. 

      If you find giv­ing up the­se unhealthy whole grains and sug­ar so dif­fi­cult try work­ing with some amaz­ing recipes. You don’t need to buy expen­sive cook­books there are plen­ty of websites/blogs with healthy recipes that you can print off (Many have lots of free recipes to browse through — try Mark’s Dai­ly Apple, Again­st All Grain, Pure­ly Twin’s recipes and The Detoxinista’s Paleo recipes.) 

      But here’s the key you should be eat­ing healthy whole foods and not feel deprived. I still eat dessert (no not every night and nev­er ones pre­pared from the bak­ery) but so does Steph. If you read her FB/instagram page she has shared sev­er­al pics of desserts she has made with links to them online. 

      You don’t have to cut out all sweets just the arti­fi­cial ones (ste­via, coconut nec­tar, grade b maple syrup and hon­ey should replace things like HFCS, sug­ar, splen­da, equal, etc. ) 

      For get­ting rid of acne try adding a high does of omega 3s to your diet (with doc’s okay) but Steph talks in an old­er arti­cle about load­ing up on omega3s before taper­ing off (6000–9000 mg dai­ly.) Per­son­al­ly speak­ing I always take a high­er does of omega3s because I don’t eat fish, I hat­ed it as a kid and still hate it at 24 its not going to change no mat­ter how its pre­pared.

      Steph refers to her diet as paleo/primal but its def­i­nite­ly more bal­anced than most strict­ly paleo blogs you’ll see. Steph shares top nutri­tion that will have you not only feel­ing great but look­ing great. 

      Steph allows for things like juic­ing, green smooth­ies (which some hard­core paleo enthu­si­asts don’t advo­cate but than again they also advo­cate the cave­man skin­care rou­tine, which isn’t prac­ti­cal nor the best treat­ment for your skin), healthy desserts and pro­tein pow­ders that meet the cri­te­ria of being gluten, grain, dairy, and soy free. 

      Steph’s diet in her book is the MOST flex­i­ble easy to adopt plan that I’ve come across — because its a lifestyle not a typ­i­cal fad diet. 

      For instance I han­dle organ­ic, raw goat’s cheese just fine and so I add some to my sal­ad. Being “paleo” means no dairy unless your fol­low Mark’s Dai­ly Apple which is Pri­mal. Most peo­ple on the inter­net use the words inter­change­ably but I don’t think it mat­ters what “label” you call your­self just that your eat­ing whole­some foods that adhere to the EBG pro­to­col.

      I hope this helps,

      • hey chelsea —

        amy again ; )

        i read the posts on EBG regard­ing diet and am con­fused about a cou­ple of things…
        i total­ly agree with eat­ing healthy, whole­some, unprocessed foods — it’s pret­ty much how our fam­i­ly eats, for the most part. of course, we also are flex­i­ble & enjoy going out to eat & social­iz­ing and that’s when we allow our­selves to eat less healthy. my cre­do has always been about mod­er­a­tion & luck­i­ly, i nat­u­ral­ly love healthy foods. 

        so i’m con­fused as to why we shouldn’t be eat­ing things that are known to have health ben­e­fits — specif­i­cal­ly — healthy whole grains (like rolled oats & quinoa) & nuts and seeds??
        it seems unnat­u­ral to me that super foods like chia seeds & quinoa should be avoided/limited. what about sprout­ed bread? i under­stand about processed, low qual­i­ty carbs, but is there some­thing i’m miss­ing?

        i’m okay with stream­lin­ing my diet a bit, but it’s pret­ty healthy already.
        i love fish — espe­cial­ly oily ones, like salmon, sar­di­nes, & mack­erel so no prob­lem get­ting my omega 3s. hard­ly eat dairy (lac­tose intol­er­ant). love sal­ads & greens. min­i­mal sug­ar intake, except for the nat­u­ral kinds. so how like­ly do you real­ly think that my diet is affect­ing my skin? 


  5. Hi Steph!

    I have tried to put oil on my eye­lash­es at night to keep them moist — it worked well but I was won­der­ing which eye wipes/makeup removal wipes would you rec­om­mend to clean off the oil from my eye­lash­es at morn­ing? I can­not use a face cleanser for my eyes — Most cleansers I have tried e.g. Tril­o­gy Cream Cleanser, Tatcha Cleans­ing Oil, One Love Organ­ics Chia Whip Form Cleanser and Coconut oil, they either burned or blurred my eyes. I tried to close my eyes tight­ly while wash­ing off the oil from my eyes, but some­how they man­aged to get inside the eyes. 

    • I have the same prob­lem!! I use RMS coconut oil to remove my make­up and it also blurs my vision and stings. The trick is to use very lit­tle. I like slather­ing coconut oil all over my face so that it’s very slip­pery, but this is no good on the eye­lids. When I’m wear­ing a lot of mas­cara or eye­lin­er and need that extra bit of coconut oil, I close my eyes, apply the oil, and then wipe my eyes with a cloth (I use one by One Love Organ­ics), and only then do I open my eyes. 

  6. Hel­lo Stephanie,
    I have some ques­tions regard­ing green smoothies..I see that you are drink­ing it on a dai­ly basis and I do so too actu­al­ly, how­ev­er late­ly I heard that too much raw veg­eta­bles are bad for our diges­tion? Also, you men­tioned that tough veg­gies like kale shouldn’t be blend­ed into smoothies…Are tougher veg­gies more eas­i­ly digestible when cooked? If so, what type of cook­ing method? And, may I know what type of veg­gies do you usu­al­ly blend then and how much in quan­ti­ty? Should we rotate dif­fer­ent veg­gies every now and then? 

    Anoth­er thing is, which is more nutri­tious : veg­eta­bles or pas­tured-raised meat? I am on paleo diet for some time now and am fol­low­ing the plat­ing rule of major­i­ty veg­gies and side dish­es, then the rest meat.…Any advice? 

    Sor­ry for the ques­tions, hope you can help! =) 

    • @Jen

      Yes, Steph does drink green smooth­ies — which is why I always rec­om­mend her blog and book because she is much more bal­anced about nutri­tion than lots of oth­er paleo web­sites (which blast green smooth­ies, juice cleans­es, etc.) 

      Steph usu­al­ly adds 1–2 large hand­fuls of spinach to her smooth­ie
      If your using a blender such as a Vitamix/Blendtec or any oth­er blender that is pul­ver­iz­ing your raw veg­gies than its very easy on your diges­tion.

      There is much debate in the nutri­tion world of raw or cooked veg­gies. If Steph is cook­ing a veg­gie like myself she rec­om­mends a light steam­ing.

      Tougher veg­gies you ref­er­ence in your post would be things like broc­coli and kale. Steam­ing them helps break down their cell walls and make your body digest them eas­ier.

      If you want to know more about green smooth­ies Steph rec­om­mends Greens for Life by Vick­to­ria Bouteneko . 

      Yes veg­gies should make up the major­i­ty of your plate (think 3/4 veg­gies & 1/4 meat) remem­ber por­tion sizes today are much larg­er than they were even 1–3 gen­er­a­tions ago. 

      Hope this helps

  7. Can you also rec­om­mend me a good, nat­u­ral body oil? What type of body oil is suit­able for body acne? 

    • Depend­ing are your bud­get you can use coconut oil, or any body oil from Epic Beau­ty Bar or you can buy an organ­ic car­ri­er oil such as rose­hip or almond from Moun­tain Rose Herbs.

  8. Hi Steph,

    I have three quick ques­tions for you. Do you have a few dif­fer­ent oils and choose which one to use based on how your skin looks and feels? For exam­ple some­times my skin is bro­ken out so the Mun would be nice but then in the win­ter it is super dry so the Lina might work best. What do you do? Also what is your morn­ing skin care rou­tine? And final­ly will Epi­curen be on EBB? I love there cleansers and use the same lotion you do so it would be awe­some if I could get my oils and every­thing is one place. 

    Thanks for all your advice! You have tru­ly changed my skin! 



    • Hey Heather!

      Yes, I have a few dif­fer­ent oils that I keep in my col­lec­tion. I find it essen­tial to change my skin care with the sea­sons. So yes, using MUN dur­ing break­outs and in the sum­mer is wise, and then Lina’s in win­ter or when skin is extra dry. I also love May Lindstrom’s The Youth Dew around my eyes or in the morn­ings, since it adds a sub­tle tint to the skin that lasts the whole day. My morn­ing skin care rou­tine will be up in a new post, since it’s been chang­ing and I like to do a post on that every few months. You can the most recent one by hit­ting “old­er posts” and going back a few pages. 🙂 Epi­curen won’t be on EBB because they do not real­ly sell online. They only sell to spas that have licensed aes­thet­cians so they can rec­om­mend the prop­er pro­duct in-per­son. It’s a bit restric­tive, so I can only rec­om­mend them and not car­ry them. Bum­mer! I wish I could car­ry them for you! 

      And I am so glad my advice helped you…I tru­ly appre­ci­ate you and thank you for your sup­port. xoxo 


  9. I’m in love with skin­care prod­ucts now. My break outs as good as stopped after the first apply … I’m just try­ing to light­en my acne scars left­over now from the break outs in addi­tion to cure my skin inside and out. 

  10. Hi Steph,
    I love your info­graph­ic! One ques­tion, what of sun­flow­er seed oil?
    Thanks in advance. 

  11. What about tea tree oil? Could that be used as a mois­tur­iz­er for the entire face, or only as a spot treat­ment?

    • Hi Kara, tea tree oil is not mois­tur­iz­ing and can be quite irri­tat­ing if used for the entire face. It is best as a spot treat­ment, and for some sen­si­tive peo­ple it may need to be dilut­ed a bit with water or a car­ri­er oil. 

      ~Steph x

      • What about sun­flow­er seed oil? What would you rec­om­mend it for? Thanks. 

        • Sun­flow­er seed oil is pret­ty decent as an inex­pen­sive car­ri­er oil, but not one of my top choic­es. See how your skin likes it if you wish to use it. 🙂 It has quite a bit of vit­a­m­in E and can be very mois­tur­iz­ing, but everyone’s skin is dif­fer­ent and yours may or may not like it. 

          ~Steph x

  12. Thanks a mil­lion for shar­ing the­se quick and awe­some tips on facial oils … this is a quite infor­ma­tive and help­ful post with­out any doubt, good job…!!! 

  13. I was in bad­ly need of tips you have shared in this infor­ma­tive post on the top­ic Facial Oils! It helps me a lot in hav­ing a bal­anced skin so far. Thank you so much for this favor! 

  14. Hey Steph! This arti­cle is so time­ly, and I have a ques­tion relat­ing to oils. I’ve been try­ing to research what has been caus­ing congestion/ break­outs all over my face as of recent­ly (black­heads that are *every­where*, white­heads that can be “scratched” off… love­ly, I know…). Any­way, one the­o­ry I’ve read states: 

    The seba­ceous glands nor­mal­ly pro­duce sebum with linole­ic acid, an essen­tial fat­ty acid. This type of sebum has a liq­uid vis­cos­i­ty. It is calm­ing to the skin and does not pro­mote fol­lic­u­lar irri­ta­tion that leads to plugs. When linole­ic acid is not avail­able, the seba­ceous glands pro­duce sebum with ole­ic acid. This ole­ic form of sebum is irri­tat­ing to the skin and pro­motes plugs. Ole­ic sebum is unable to flow as well as linole­ic sebum and there­fore is prone to pro­duc­ing hard come­dones rather than flow­ing out of the fol­li­cle. This caus­es black­heads and white­heads and both of the­se con­di­tions may lead to acne infec­tions.”

    My ques­tion is, is this cor­rect that you know of? Does linole­ic acid run out due to our diet, or due to our skin­care, and com­pro­mis­ing the acid mantle? What is the best course, in regards to skincare/oil usage, for skin com­plete­ly bumpy and clogged and angry? (Lit­er­al­ly, near­ly every pore of mine could be extract­ed if if want­ed to.) Also, I know diet is huge… are there cer­tain foods that wors­en black­heads, or cause more of them? I’m guess­ing grains and dairy, but wasn’t sure what else it could be. 

    Sor­ry for the length of this; I know you’re very busy. You’ve helped me in the past and I appre­ci­at­ed it so much and val­ue your input. Thank you so much! 


  15. Hey steph!

    What are your thoughts on oil cleans­ing with just a pure oil like jojoba. 

    Also, for acne prone skin, should i use argan oil day AND night? 

    Also, what is a good cleanser for win­ter?

    Thanks doll 🙂

  16. Hey Steph I just want­ed to ask this ques­tion… ! : / do you think if i real­ly start tak­ing care of myself (diet, skin care, etcc.), ( I’m 15 now), do you think my skin would even have the chance of being as ‘nice’ or have the same com­plex­ion as it did 1 and a half years ago? Because I’ve made a lot of mis­takes, like eat­ing unhealthy or over eat­ing at wrong times, not drink­ing enough water, stress, sleep­ing very very late, not exer­cis­ing or going out­side often or tak­ing care of myself prop­er­ly, (I know i’ve made so much health mistakes:/ 🙁 but I’m real­ly deter­mined to make the right choic­es now! and I’m real­ly grate­ful to be able to check this web­site too :)! but I’ve start­ed to make dif­fer­ent choic­es (health­ier ones!:)) but I real­ly was just won­der­ing if I real­ly was ded­i­cat­ed and devot­ed to mak­ing very healthy and right choic­es in regards to my skin, that it would have a com­plex­ion like when i was 13–14? (15 now)) I’m not sure if my question’s annoy­ing you I was just real­ly won­der­ing !! 😕 :/ thank you !! 🙂 xo p.s i know you could­nt real­ly be def­i­nite of what the results might be because you’ve nev­er seen me, but to give a bet­ter visu­al aid- I had soft, clear, young look­ing skin, like it was plump and firm’ and i did­nt look tired or had wrin­kles! (well i was 13! haha 🙂 ), but now my com­plx­ions just dull, and i have like tired eyes and tiny wrin­kles, and some black­head and those things, and my face looks old­er, like matured look­ing, like it does­nt look as young or firm as before and i was won­der­ing if that firm­ness or plump­ness could ever come back? I’m so sor­ry this must have tak­en a long time to read!! but i real­ly val­ue your opin­ion so any answer would be real­ly fab­u­lous and great! haha thank you a mil­lion times 🙂 espe­cial­ly for this web­site its fab­u­lous!

    • Yes you can def­i­nite­ly change your skin sit­u­a­tion around 🙂 

      First of all depend­ing on your bud­get — see­ing as our 15 the first thing to do is com­mit to a clean eat­ing reg­i­men (don’t cheat for the first 30 days) drink plen­ty of water (no soda, sports drinks or oth­er sug­ary bev­er­ages)

      Get to bed at a decent hour and wake up and drink a glass of warm water with the juice of 1/2 lemon. 

      Next make sure on the week­ends when your not in school to take a walk out­side if you don’t have a gym mem­ber­ship or work­out dvds. 

      Com­mit to always wash­ing off every trace of make­up before bed. 

      Now depend­ing on your bud­get you can pick what brands of skin­care to use. 

      Always apply an oil on your skin before bed — skin regen­er­ates at night and oil is eas­i­ly absorbed. 

      Start using an SPF when­ev­er you go out­side.

      Use an inex­pen­sive nat­u­ral eye cream or oil around your eyes before bed each night. 

      Eat plen­ty of omega 3 from either food or take a cod liv­er oil, fer­ment­ed cod liv­er oil or krill oil sup­ple­ment. (Carlson’s, Nordic Nat­u­rals or Green Pas­tures are rep­utable brands) 

      if you find your­self eat­ing things like cere­al for break­fast switch it for a green smooth­ie. Make lunch be a sal­ad or left­overs from din­ner instead of a sand­wich.

      Make sure your drink­ing plen­ty of water as you could be hav­ing dehy­dra­tion lines appear (the­se are the pre­cur­sors to fines lines, then wrin­kles)


  17. Hi! My skin is com­bi­na­tion, where my cheeks and my eye­brows and the sides of my mouth will be flaky, but my t zone gets (grad­u­al­ly thru out the day) oily. I have used mois­tur­iz­ers that feel greasy, and make my face even oilier. And I have recent­ly been using this Ponds hydran­te cream thing. It goes on light­weight and doesn’t get too oily, but it isn’t help­ing my fore­head mil­ia go away. 

    I have tried exfo­li­at­ing, and even using a man­u­al brush, and AHA peels, and a sil­i­cone scrub­bing pad that has lit­tle hub­bies to help mas­sage them out, but noth­ing works. I was just won­der­ing if Maracu­ja oil would help me mois­tur­ize and not aggra­vate my skin and spread mil­ia every­where. I just got rid of the ones under my eyes and it would be nice if I could smooth my fore­head out too. (I usu­al­ly use First Aid Beau­ty Skin Res­cue Deep Cleanser with Red Clay at night. Also I use only bare min­er­als for foun­da­tion. I tried the bare min­er­als prime time liq­uid face primer, AND MY FACE BROKE OUT IN TINY LITTLE BUMPS BOTH RED AND MILIA LOOKING THINGS. 🙁 so my skin doesn’t like dime­thicones very much.) 

    I just want to get rid of my mil­ia and mois­tur­ize so I don’t have fine wrin­kles on my fore­head. I don’t drink much water and I’m only 20 

  18. Hey so my “grand­ma-in-law” is a Natur­o­pathic Doc­tor and informed me dur­ing the “coconut oil craze” that coconut oil is actu­al­ly come­do­genic. A.K.A. It will clog the hell out of your pores. It is not rec­om­mend for Oily/Acne-Prone Skin. But it’s great for dry skin! Also, olive oil is non-come­do­genic and would make a great sub­sti­tute for coco oil. Just so ya know! 

  19. look for unre­fined, min­i­mal­ly processed oils from a com­pa­ny with a good back­ground and solid ethics”
    That’s a good chal­lenge, but could not agree more!
    Thanks for this detailed arti­cle Steph.


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