Last-Minute Holiday Gifts 2011

Last-Minute Holiday Gifts 2011

Hey every­one! I’ve been com­plet­ing my hol­i­day shop­ping and I fig­ured I would do a lit­tle last-min­ute hol­i­day gift idea for those of you still stuck on what to get your fam­i­ly and friends.

The­se are my favorites, and many hap­pen to be on sale or offer­ing spe­cial dis­counts. Hoorah! Here we go:

(FTC: I was not paid or spon­sored by any of the brands or com­pa­nies men­tioned below. Enjoy!)

Skin Apotheke Rejuvenating Vitamin C Eye Creme - Great holiday gift

1. Skin Apotheke Ayurvedic Skin Care. A favorite skin care line of mine, hand­made and expert­ly for­mu­lat­ed. The Reju­ve­nat­ing Eye Cre­me is my all-time favorite eye cream, and I’ve men­tioned it before (it was also on my must-have prod­ucts list in 2010). Right now all prod­ucts in the store are 10% off with coupon code HOLIDAY.

23andMe DNA Testing

2. 23and­Me DNA & Ances­try Test. One of the coolest, most unusu­al prod­ucts out there. Nor­mal­ly $99 plus $9/month, it’s now on sale for $76. Just order a kit, the kit arrives, you spit in a lit­tle tube, send it back, and wait 2–6 weeks for your results! The test ana­lyzes your DNA for fun things like hair col­or and ear wax, as well as seri­ous things like health traits and dis­ease risks (which you have the option of view­ing or not). The best part for me was the health traits and ances­try test­ing, which shows your full genet­ic her­itage.

DoMatcha Matcha Green Tea

3. DoMatcha Green Tea.This dain­ty lit­tle can con­tains matcha, a pow­er­ful pow­der chock full of antiox­i­dants and amino acids. Plus, EGCG, which is respon­si­ble for help­ing with weight loss and can­cer pre­ven­tion, is 137 times more bioavail­able than reg­u­lar green tea.

Paleo Comfort Foods Gluten-Free Cookbook

4. Paleo Com­fort Foods: Home­style Cook­ing for a Gluten-Free Kitchen (Cook­book). Eas­i­ly one of the sin­gle best cook­books I have ever had the plea­sure of using. They include recipes for unique sal­ads, soups, var­i­ous meat dish­es, seafood dish­es, and more. Some of my family’s favorite meals have result­ed from this cook­book (my per­son favorites are the beef stew and “fried” chick­en).

Silk Pillowcase

5. 100% Silk Pil­low­case. Buy a pair of the­se and you have the per­fect gift for a girly girl or some­one who just enjoys lux­u­ry. Silk pil­low­cas­es are a dream for your keep­ing your hair and skin smooth and unruf­fled. I’ve been an avid silk pil­low­case fan for almost 10 years and bring one with me even when I trav­el.

Zombie Insurance

6. Zom­bie Insur­ance. This has noth­ing to do with beau­ty, but it’s hilar­i­ous and under $10!

Tarte Cosmetics Makeup Palette

7. Tarte Make­up Palettes. Tarte has some fan­tas­tic paraben-free eye­shad­ow palettes. While the ingre­di­ents aren’t per­fect, they’re a TON bet­ter than con­ven­tion­al make­up brands. I picked up a few for gift-giv­ing this year, and an eye­shad­ow palet­te for myself to try. Oth­er make­up brands to try: Real Puri­ty, Jane Iredale, Liv­ing Nature, and All Nat­u­ral Face.

Whole Home Water Filtration EWS Spectrum

8. Water Fil­tra­tion. In my opin­ion and as a result of my research, the­se are the best water fil­ters I have ever found and ever used. I had their coun­ter­top sink unit and show­er fil­ter for about 4 or 5 years, and recent­ly upgrad­ed to their EWS Spec­trum whole home water fil­ter (which is $300 off right now) so I don’t have to use their show­er fil­ter any­more. I am in LOVE with the­se sys­tems and they’re on sale until the end of Decem­ber. Check out their “Clear­ance” sec­tion too for sink fil­ters and such!

Spirit Beauty Lounge

9. Spir­it Beau­ty Lounge. One of my favorite shops for all-nat­u­ral and organ­ic prod­ucts. Right now they have a great lit­tle sec­tion with gift pack­ages and free ship­ping on orders over $50.

Bloom Beauty Shop

10. Bloom. Anoth­er favorite shop of mine that I’ve just dis­cov­ered is Bloom, which calls itself a “social beau­ty shop”. They have a huge selec­tion of prod­ucts and lots of great dis­counts and sales all the time, which def­i­nite­ly appeals to the lit­tle deal-mon­ger in me. They also give you cash back on orders, kind of like — love it.

What are you get­ting for your friends and fam­i­ly? I’d love to know!
~Steph  x


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