DIY Apple Mask for Smooth, Moist Skin

DIY Apple Mask for Smooth, Moist Skin

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a DIY beauty/handsomeness recipe, so I thought it would be nice to post one today. Like most of my skin care recipes, this one is easy – it’s only two ingredients and will give you a smooth and moist skin with a nice rosy glow. This will be a great mask to use in the upcoming fall and winter months, when dull, dry skin starts creeping back into our lives. 😛

1/2 any kind of organic apple (leave the skin on)
1 Tbsp. raw honey, or raw manuka honey (UMF 16+)

Optional: Try adding 1 egg yolk (from an organic egg, the darker orange the yolk, the more rich and healthy that yolk is) for further moisturization. It will also help reduce and prevent acne breakouts due to the vitamin A present in the yolk, which helps balance sebum production for both oily and dry skin.

Apples have a very cooling, slightly exfoliating effect on our skin due to the mild acids in the fruit. When applied to the skin, apples bring circulation and nourishment to the skin. And honey is a no-brainer! It is a well-known, ancient natural beauty product. It is antibacterial, a powerful humectant, and very soothing.

If you have very sensitive skin or are sunburned, try a small amount of this mask on your neck or cheek first. Depending on the variety of apple, you may or may not be sensitive to the mild acids in the fruit. FYI, green apples contain less sugar and slightly more acids than varieties like Fuji, Pink Lady, and Braeburn.

I’ve been asked what honey I recommend, and I find that raw manuka honey with a UMF rating of at least 16 (20 is even better) is the best for all skin, especially acne-prone skin. One of my favorites is East Cape New Zealand Manuka Honey Active UMF 20+. Now, if you skin is very sensitive, try a UMF of 16+, or try plain unfiltered raw honey.

1. Mash up 1/2 of an apple — include the skin, but do not include the core or seeds. You can also mash it up with a mortar and pestle, or in a food processor.

2. In a small dish, mix the mashed apple with 1 Tbsp. raw honey. (Optional: also add your 1 egg yolk)

3. Apply and leave on 10-20 minutes. Rinse off with warm water. Finish with a splash of cool water. You may then tone with a floral water (hydrosol), quality natural toner like Sophyto or 100% Pure, or (my favorite) neem leaf extract spray. Follow up with a natural moisturizer or gently massage in a few drops of organic extra virgin olive oil.

Voila! Lovely glowing skin. 🙂 If you have any suggestions or requests for DIY recipes, definitely feel free to let me know!
~Steph  x

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