8 Steps to Flawless Skin

I love fash­ion and all the the­atrics that come with it dur­ing Fash­ion Week, and I was inspired to write this post after see­ing the flaw­less, air­brushed look of the mod­els on the run­way. I believe this is the first time I’m men­tion­ing makeup, but I get a lot of requests for nat­ural makeup and […]

Face Contouring & Anti-Aging Massage Tutorial

Hey every­one! I came across a post from Sesame at Viva­Woman back in Decem­ber, where she talked about a pop­u­lar Japan­ese face con­tour­ing mas­sage by Yukuko Tanaka. I was fas­ci­nated with this because 1. I love the Japan­ese cul­ture, food, his­tory, and com­plex­ions :D, and 2. I love mas­sages. The mas­sage is cred­ited for reducing […]