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A Complete Guide to the Best Natural Face Oils [Infographic]

Face and body oils are a cen­turies old beauty tra­di­tion. They are lux­u­ri­ous, antibac­te­r­ial, pro­tec­tive, and highly mois­tur­iz­ing. In the recent past, oil got a bad rap and oil-free prod­ucts reigned supreme. How­ever, the oils that were caus­ing all the trou­ble were (and still are) syn­thetic or unwhole­some processed oils that can clog pores and […]

Puffy Face? Here's How to Fix a Puffy Face

Puffy Face? Here’s How to Fix It

Did you wake up this morn­ing with some extra puff in your face? Never fear! I have com­piled a few of my favorite tips to help you fix a puffy face quick, and of course, pre­vent it in the future. If you have a chronic puffy face, or tend to retain fluid in other parts […]