The Real Guide to Flawless Skin : Only 4 Weeks to Clear Skin for Life *BOOK*

The Real Guide to Flawless Skin : Only 4 Weeks to Clear Skin for Life

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The Real Guide to Flawless Skin : Only 4 Weeks to Clear Skin For Life (Read it on Your iPhone, iPad, Kindle, PC, Mac, Other Smart Phones and Tablets, or Print It Out!)

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I used to have cys­tic acne in the area around my chin and front head and glob­ally oily skin. After 4 weeks of fol­low­ing your guide­li­nes, I have prac­ti­cally no pim­ple at all. It has been a long time since I did not have the skin that clear and I thank you for that.” – Catarina G., France


The Real Guide to Flaw­less Skin : Only 4 Weeks to Clear Skin For Life  con­tains 7 Chap­ters and a Resource guide jam-packed with infor­ma­tion, all in an easy-to-under­stand for­mat so it’s not over­whelm­ing.

She offers com­plete and infor­ma­tive advice on how to keep our skin healthy and happy by using nat­u­ral products…This lady knows what she’s talk­ing about (her skin is glow­ing!). I Heart Daily
Each chap­ter focuses on a par­tic­u­lar aspect of get­ting rid of acne and achiev­ing flaw­less skin: Diag­nos­ing, Diet, Exer­cise, Skin Care, Mind, Heal­ing Acne Scars, and Trou­bleshoot­ing for Dif­fi­cult Cases. I give you a lot of guide­lines, but I also tell you exactly what you can do — so you can either pick and choose, or fol­low an exact pro­to­col, depend­ing on your pref­er­ence. I go into major detail on each sub­ject, more than I could ever do in one of my arti­cles, but I will always update the acne book con­tent on this web­site when new research and new prod­ucts come to light.
  • Foods to eat and foods to avoid
  •  Sam­ple meal plan to get you started
  • Detailed skin­care and nat­ural makeup rec­om­men­da­tions
  • My indi­vid­ual skin care, diet, and exer­cise rou­tine
  • Foods and sup­ple­ments for glow­ing skin
  • How to get rid of acne scars (and cover them up)
  • Answers to fre­quently asked ques­tions
  • Learn to use your mind as a pow­er­ful tool for clear­ing acne
  • Advanced help for dif­fi­cult acne cases
  • Super sim­ple, super cheap DIY skin care for those on a tight bud­get
  • Skin care ingre­di­ents to avoid (huge cheat sheet!)
  • Free updates to the book via


I wrote this book to help with sev­eral inflam­ma­tory skin con­di­tions, includ­ing acne, eczema, and rosacea.


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I went a head and pur­chased your book. Great by the way! I want to thank you for all of your won­der­ful information/help!! I cant tell you enough! I look for­ward to what you have to say next=)Leah, USA


I hope you really enjoy the book! Feel free to keep me posted on your pro­gress.
~Steph x

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