About Epic Beauty Guide — How it Started

Stephanie Elizabeth, Founder & Author, Epic Beauty Guide

That’s me in 2009!

Stephanie Elizabeth - Skin Care Expert & Founder of Epic Beauty Guide

Me in 2015. Notice the lack of humidity’s effect on the ‘fro.

I started Epic Beauty Guide in 2009, after real­iz­ing there was a huge lack of qual­ity infor­ma­tion on how to bring out nat­u­ral beauty.

An arti­cle titled “How to Get Flaw­less Skin” would inevitably be about mask­ing your face in chem­i­cal goop to appear to have flaw­less skin. Well. I thought that was incred­i­bly dumb. How about an arti­cle on how to actu­ally get flaw­less skin? You know, so you can just wake up and roll out of bed look­ing great.

Thus, Epic Beauty Guide was borne out of neces­sity and my desire to inspire and help peo­ple to get and stay nat­u­rally beau­ti­ful (or hand­some, for the dudes). I have poured all my knowl­edge and heart into Epic Beauty Guide in order to give super-detailed skin care advice, arti­cles on elim­i­nat­ing acne and other skin dis­or­ders, DIY skin and hair treat­ments, pro­duct reviews, and health and diet tips.

In 2010, my incred­i­ble read­ers requested a book. And kept request­ing it. So I finally decided to do it, and since its pub­li­ca­tion, it has helped thou­sands of peo­ple clear up their skin. My heart swells with hap­pi­ness when I get emails, com­ments, and Face­book mes­sages telling me how your skin is glo­ri­ous and that you feel, finally, nat­u­rally beau­ti­ful. It’s your birthright, baby!

About Me

For most of my life, I have been devoted to find­ing the keys to beauty and well­ness and putting them all on one gigan­tic key ring for all of us to use. I am a stu­dent of sci­ence and med­i­cine, a huge fan of nat­u­ral beauty, obsessed with home­made beauty treat­ments, and a sharer of time­less beauty advice.

My goal is to share my research and knowl­edge for your ben­e­fit – I would love to see more of us open up to our gen­uinely beau­ti­ful (inside and out) selves. We only get one body this life, so let’s make the most of it.

~Stephanie  x