8 Best Natural Mascaras — No Flaking or Smudging!

8 Best Natural Mascaras — No Flaking or Smudging!

My hes­i­tant usage of mas­caras began with Dr. Hauschka near­ly 8 years ago. It was my very first for­ay into mas­cara, and I remem­ber that I loved the way my lash­es stood out…and how my eye­lids itched like hell. I then dove into my mom’s mas­cara sup­ply, and was con­tin­u­al­ly intrigued by the scary look­ing spines on skin­ny wands that you’re sup­posed to stick pret­ty eff­ing close to your eye­ball. While I cer­tain­ly enter­tained and prid­ed myself on my brav­ery, I didn’t appre­ci­ate how every sin­gle mas­cara either gave me that oh-so-desired rac­coon look or elicit­ed itchy eye­lids. I fig­ured I was des­tined to have blonde, mas­cara-pho­bic eye­lash­es for life. Then 3 years ago an amaz­ing friend of mine start­ed tint­ing my eye­lash­es black and bam! issue resolved.

Eh not quite. While I am extreme­ly grate­ful for hav­ing nat­u­ral­ly long, curled eye­lash­es that allows the tint to give me a mas­cara-like effect on the dai­ly, when I want to go all out and…(dun dun dun) put on eye­shad­ow and what not, then mas­cara is def­i­nite­ly in order.

Thus I have per­son­al­ly inves­ti­gat­ed every known nat­u­ral mas­cara on the mar­ket since 2010. That’s a pret­ty good gig. 😉 I present to you my favorite mas­caras all neat­ly tucked into one place.

Alima Pure Mascara | 7 Best Natural Mascaras | Epic Beauty Guide

Ali­ma Pure Nat­u­ral Def­i­n­i­tion Mas­cara $22

A rel­a­tive new­bie to the mas­cara scene. This mas­cara is fan­tas­tic for those that want length, sep­a­ra­tion, and rich col­or.

W3LL People Expressionist Bio Extreme Mascara | 7 Best Natural Mascaras | Epic Beauty Guide

W3LL Peo­ple Expres­sion­ist Bio Extreme Mas­cara $23.50

The for­mu­la and wand are amaz­ing on this mas­cara. It cre­ates length, curl, and sep­a­ra­tion and doesn’t smudge or flake.

ILIA Mascara | 7 Best Natural Mascaras | Epic Beauty Guide

ILIA Mas­cara $26

I prefer a slight­ly thick­er, less sep­a­rat­ed look to my lash­es, and this rich­ly pig­ment­ed, lus­cious mas­cara pro­vides just that.

Real Purity Mascara | 7 Best Natural Mascaras | Epic Beauty Guide


Real Puri­ty Mas­cara $15

A long-time favorite of mine and win­ner of the 2011 and 2012 Epic Beau­ty Awards. The for­mu­la is very sim­ple, mak­ing it ide­al for those with hyper­sen­si­tive skin.

Kjaer Weis Mascara | 7 Best Natural Mascaras | Epic Beauty Guide

Kjaer Weis Mas­cara $38

The wand is a bit short­er and eas­ier to con­trol, it deposits rich col­or, and makes lash­es thick. I am told by some peo­ple that it is slight­ly prone to flak­ing, though I have not expe­ri­enced this myself. Plus, the tube is refill­able.

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Mascara | 7 Best Natural Mascaras | Epic Beauty Guide

100% Pure Fruit Pig­ment­ed Mas­cara $21

I’ve always loved 100% Pure for their gen­tle, fruit-based for­mu­la­tions, and this love­ly mas­cara is no excep­tion. It tends to smudge a bit on very oily eye­lids.

Afterglow Pure Soul Mascara | 7 Best Natural Mascaras | Epic Beauty Guide

After­glow Pure Soul Mas­cara $24

Beau­ti­ful, rich col­or. Espe­cial­ly won­der­ful for those with gluten or talc sen­si­tiv­i­ties — this mas­cara offers the rare ben­e­fit of con­tain­ing no wheat, gluten, or talc.

Organic Glam Mascara | 7 Best Natural Mascaras | Epic Beauty Guide

Organ­ic Glam Mas­cara $38

Fan­tas­ti­cal­ly lux­u­ri­ous and volu­miz­ing – some­thing you would expect out of an expen­sive depart­ment store mas­cara. The only down­side is that if you’re gluten sen­si­tive, this one may not be for you (it con­tains wheat pro­tein).

Which nat­u­ral mas­cara is your favorite? Let us all know. 🙂
~Steph  x



  1. Nice list! I real­ly want to try the Organ­ic Glam Mas­cara because I love that type of mas­cara wand! 

  2. Dear Steph,
    So nice to see your post up. Could total­ly use your help on some­thing.
    I have this once in a life time oppor­tu­ni­ty to trav­el to France 🙂 this Sep­tem­ber and have done some research around organ­ic skin care shops to vis­it — I am so lost!!! too many brands to choose from — guys have ren, antipodes, tata harper along with our beloved rms beau­ty and more.
    I want­ed to get some input from you on what are the cult prod­ucts by some brands that I should not miss (pri­mar­i­ly skin care fol­lowed by hair and make­up) Am spend­ing quite a bit of mon­ey so any val­ue for mon­ey pro­duct sug­ges­tions would go a long way in opti­miz­ing the pur­chas­es.
    The site of the shop I am inter­est­ed in is ohmycream.com
    Lots of love. 

  3. The one I liked the most is the Organ­ic Glam Mas­cara. I like to volu­miz­e my lash­es as the aren’t heavy. Thus, this will be my choice. I also like W3LL Peo­ple Expres­sion­ist Bio Extreme Mas­cara as length and curl is also impor­tant for me. The top­ic is amaz­ing, it helps so much. Thank you. 

  4. I’m one of those who had flak­ing with Kjaer Weiss mas­cara. It was amaz­ing the first mon­th, but from that point on flaky flaky. It doesn’t help that I prefer cream eye shad­ows I think. I’m real­ly hes­i­tant to try anoth­er nat­u­ral mas­cara at present, but this is a great list if I get brave enough to try anoth­er one. 

  5. 100% Pure! I’ve been using it now for close to one year and it’s my favorite mas­cara I’ve ever used. Albeit I have not used the oth­er mas­caras you’ve list­ed, but I was excit­ed to see 100% Pure on the list. 🙂 

    • Hi Hol­ly!

      I agree, 100% Pure is fan­tas­tic. They used to be my favorite mas­cara before I tried W3LL and ILIA mas­caras, which won me over for being total­ly flake-free. 100% Pure always end­ed up flak­ing on me at some point in the day. 🙁 I love their oth­er prod­ucts though, like their foam­ing face wash­es and fruit pig­ment­ed bronz­ers and blush­es (espe­cial­ly great if one is sen­si­tive to min­er­al pig­ments).

      Steph x

  6. I usu­al­ly don’t wear make up espe­cial­ly mas­cara due to the flak­ing and clump­ing but I’m glad u have a pro­duct that would make my lash­es look nat­u­ral. Will try pro­duct thanks to you 


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