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Soapwalla Deodorant Cream Review - Epic Beauty Guide1. Soap­walla Deodor­ant Cream, $12. I recently posted an arti­cle on how to make your own nat­ural deodor­ant, and shortly there­after I dis­cov­ered Soap­walla. The ingre­di­ents are along the same lines, but with some added niceties like clay and essen­tial oils (plus it’s already made for you, if you’re not into DIY). It has a lovely smooth tex­ture, a pleas­ant smell that both guys and gals can wear, and most impor­tantly it works. It does not have the unfor­tu­nate side effect of actu­ally mak­ing you smell bad, like many nat­ural deodor­ants tend to do. It won’t stop the sweat (you don’t want to do that any­way), but you will have total peace of mind know­ing you won’t stink. At all. For the whole day. Hoorah.

Coolibar UPF Face Shield Review - Epic Beauty Guide

I am Gotham’s reckoning!”

2. Coolibar UPF Cloth­ing, price varies. I have been mildly obsessed with UV-protective “stuff” lately, espe­cially since I have totally given up on find­ing a sun­block that will a.) not clog my pores or b.) make me itchy and dried out. I can’t just go with­out sun pro­tec­tion though, so my solu­tion has been UPF cloth­ing, para­sols, big ass hats, and dark UV tint­ing on the car win­dows. I am all for get­ting that vit­a­min D pro­duc­tion in, but I am not about to sur­ren­der to UV-induced wrin­kles and sun dam­age. Coolibar’s selec­tion and qual­ity is pretty good, but their prices are a lit­tle high. I bought their crazy-looking face mask just for dri­ving and to pre­tend I was Bane. It’s a small, thin cloth mask rated UPF 50 and very basic, with a bit of vel­cro. It was $25, which I feel is about $10 over­priced. Any­way, check them out, because I still like the fact they use UPF 50+ fab­rics and the cloth­ing (except their masks) doesn’t look cheesy.

Camellia Seed Oil Review - Epic Beauty Guide

3. Oshima Camel­lia Seed Oil, $16. While I love other oils for var­i­ous rea­sons and uses (sweet almond for eye makeup removal, coconut for blem­ishes, etc.), camel­lia has been my sum­mer­time favorite for its super fast absorp­tion, the lovely sheen it leaves on the skin, and its long-lasting mois­tur­iz­ing prop­er­ties. I don’t feel like an oil slick when I wear it, so day­time appli­ca­tion is fan­tas­tic. At night, I wash my face and apply it to slightly damp skin. In the morn­ing, my skin is incred­i­bly soft with zero flakes. In love! By the way, you lit­er­ally need only two drops for your whole face — I have been using this oil for 2 months and I know I have at least 4 months left in my tiny glass bottle.

Celsus Scar Cream Review - Epic Beauty Guide

4. Cel­sus Scar Cream, $24. I bought this com­pletely nat­ural (Epic Beauty Guide-approved ingre­di­ents for the win!) about 2 weeks ago for some small, old brown­ish blem­ish scars/sun dam­age on my chin that my rose­hip oil and vit­a­min E weren’t elim­i­nat­ing. The direc­tions say to apply it a few times per day and mas­sage it in until absorbed – so I did just that, and applied it once in the morn­ing and once at night. It smells nice, the scent dis­si­pates once you’ve mas­saged it in, and sinks in com­pletely after about 5–10 min­utes. I was wor­ried that it would clog up my pores, con­sid­er­ing that almost every­thing else does (sun­block, I’m talk­ing to you), so I am sur­prised and relieved to dis­cover that this cream has no ill effects on my skin. I’ve been using the cream reli­giously for 1 1/2 weeks and those old spots on the right side of my chin are GONE. Not faded. Not “kind of” gone. But GONE. And those spots were there for over a year! I was not expect­ing these results. If you’re strug­gling with some old or new scars, I can whole­heart­edly say to def­i­nitely give this cream a try (and fol­low the directions!).

Pure Propolis Toothpaste Review - Epic Beauty Guide

Warn­ing: Do not use if you are aller­gic to bee products.

5. Holo­curen Pure Propo­lis Tooth­paste, $13. Yes, this is tooth­paste. A big fat tube of yummy, super sim­ple, bacteria-killin’ tooth­paste. The ingre­di­ents are antibac­te­r­ial and heal­ing for the gums, and include tea tree oil, propo­lis (a very heal­ing, nutri­ent rich bee prod­uct), and glyc­erin (some say glyc­erin coats the enamel and pre­vents it from regen­er­at­ing, but I have not seen any sci­en­tific evi­dence of this). I nor­mally rinse and wash with plain ole’ 3% hydro­gen per­ox­ide (I some­times get ques­tions about this, but yes it’s super safe, super effec­tive, very gen­tle, and approved by my very con­ser­v­a­tive and excel­lent den­tist) and my Soni­care tooth­brush, but I wanted to give this a shot. Most com­mer­cial tooth­pastes con­tain all kinds of irri­tants, arti­fi­cial col­ors, etc. and the chem­i­cal con­coc­tion can make one’s lips peel. On a side­note, if you tend to get pim­ples around your mouth, switch to a nat­ural tooth­paste like Holo­curen or Weleda. After try­ing this propo­lis tooth­paste, it instantly makes your breath smell glo­ri­ous, and the next morn­ing, it still smells fresh (dis­claimer: if you have a bad diet, tooth­paste alone isn’t going to give you super fresh breath).