My Acne Cure Book is Ready — WIN a Copy! [Closed]

My Acne Cure Book is Ready — WIN a Copy! [Closed]

My Acne Cure Book is Ready - WIN a Copy!

I finally fin­ished the acne cure book that I’ve been work­ing on! My orig­i­nal plan was just to write this blog and include a bunch of info on here, but I was get­ting a lot of requests to write a book, so to all of you who asked, here ya go!

Before I make it avail­able, I wanted to ask for your input to see if there’s any last minute top­ics I need to address in the book. At the end of the post, find out how you can win a copy of my new book. :)

The REAL Guide to Flaw­less, Acne-Free Skin (Only 4 Weeks to a Clear Com­plex­ion That Stays Clear) con­tains 6 Chap­ters (and a Resource guide) jam-packed with infor­ma­tion, all in an easy-to-understand for­mat so it’s not over­whelm­ing. Each chap­ter focuses on a par­tic­u­lar aspect of get­ting rid of acne and achiev­ing flaw­less skin: Diet, Exer­cise, Skin Care, Mind, Heal­ing Acne Scars, and Trou­bleshoot­ing for Dif­fi­cult Cases. I give you a lot of guide­lines, but I also tell you exactly what you can do — so you can either pick and choose, or fol­low an exact pro­to­col, depend­ing on your pref­er­ence. I go into major detail on each sub­ject, more than I could ever do in one of my arti­cles, but I will always update the acne book con­tent on this web­site when new research and new prod­ucts come to light.

  • Foods to eat and foods to avoid
  • Sam­ple meal plan to get you started
  • Detailed skin­care and nat­ural makeup recommendations
  • My indi­vid­ual skin care, diet, and exer­cise routine
  • Foods and sup­ple­ments for glow­ing skin
  • How to get rid of acne scars
  • How to bal­ance your hor­mones for clear skin
  • Learn to use your mind as a pow­er­ful tool for clear­ing acne
  • Super sim­ple, super cheap DIY skin care for those on a tight budget
  • Skin care ingre­di­ents to avoid

Here are some ques­tions I’ve received via email, too:

  • Will your advice really work for my skin? Yes it will, and if you have a “dif­fi­cult” case, I included a trou­bleshoot­ing sec­tion in the book, and you can always email me if you need more help. I’ve also received some amaz­ing com­ments on YouTube and my blog here from men and women say­ing how their skin has improved dra­mat­i­cally since fol­low­ing the advice on my YouTube chan­nel and blog. I’m really happy that I can be of help. No one wants acne, and if I can help you get rid of it, I will!
  • How long will it take to clear my skin? You should start see­ing a calm­ing of any red­ness and irri­ta­tion within 3–5 days, and a dra­matic improve­ment within 1 month. You may not be 100% acne-free by that time, but the num­ber of spots on your face should be greatly reduced, red­ness greatly dimin­ished or gone, and your skin’s dryness/oiliness more bal­anced. This book is not some bogus 3-day quick-fix — I made this book to offer a long-term solu­tion, so you can get clear, beau­ti­ful skin and keep it that way for life.
  • Have you ever had acne? There are many dif­fer­ent types of acne, and when I turned 19 I started to get black­heads and white­heads on my fore­head and chin. It was really obvi­ous because my skin is so light, and any red­ness or spot was like a spot­light on my face. I started doing exten­sive research on skin care and nutri­tion at that age, and every­thing I rec­om­mend and dis­cuss in my blog and in this new book, I have tried on myself or on my will­ing test sub­jects. ;D
  • What kind of prod­ucts do you rec­om­mend? A lot! I have tried many prod­ucts, read many reviews, and talked to many peo­ple about what skin care prod­ucts were suc­cess­ful for them. The rea­son I give you so many options in this book is because I wanted to give you a few dif­fer­ently priced prod­ucts to suit dif­fer­ent bud­gets, and if one prod­uct doesn’t work, you have the option for oth­ers. Plus, if you’re on a tight bud­get or sim­ply more inde­pen­dent, I also included easy do-it-yourself recipes and techniques.
  • Do you include meal plans? I do include a sam­ple meal plan to get you started. More impor­tantly, I include the entire the­ory on eat­ing for clear skin, as well as details on what foods to enjoy and what foods to avoid. This infor­ma­tion will help you to make wise deci­sions about food even with­out a meal plan because I’ve given you the tools to cre­ate your own meals and an idea of what to order when you go out.

I would love to have your input, so if there is any­thing in par­tic­u­lar you want to see in this book, feel free to let me know! Every­one who leaves a com­ment below will be entered to win a copy of my new book. :) The win­ner will be ran­domly selected.

I look for­ward to read­ing your com­ments!
~Stephanie  x


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