10 More Secrets to Clear Skin & A Flawless Complexion

Ooohkay, so I have more tips for you on get­ting clear, flaw­less skin! The more I rack my brain, the more stuff comes up. ;)

Here is a list of posts I wrote before that are all about clear­ing up acne and get­ting a flaw­less complexion:

Now on to the “10 Secrets”:

  1. Use manuka honey on blem­ishes — it’s safe and effec­tive to use it nightly if you wish. After wash­ing your face, just put it on, let it sit for 10–20 min­utes, and rinse off with luke­warm water. Honey, espe­cially manuka, is antibac­te­r­ial and con­tains enzymes and nutri­ents that are help­ful in repair­ing acne and acne scars.
  2. Sup­ple­ment with MSM (a.k.a. methyl­sul­fonyl­methane). It is a white, nat­u­rally occur­ring sub­stance (sul­fur) that has been used to treat skin con­di­tions like acne and eczema. Take it in cap­sule form, or add 1 tsp. of the pow­dered vari­ety to juice twice per day (it tastes ter­ri­ble, def­i­nitely put it in juice).
  3. Use nat­ural hair prod­ucts that do not con­tain hydro­genated oils, parabens, dime­thicone, or other sub­stances that can trig­ger acne. You hair inevitably gets on your face dur­ing the day and while you sleep, so act like the prod­ucts you’re putting on your hair are prod­ucts you put on your face. If you need help look­ing for nat­ural hair care prod­ucts, feel free to read my post on my 10 favorite nat­ural brands of 2009.
  4. Clean your pil­low­case reg­u­larly. I have 4 silk pil­low­cases from Dream Sacks that I rotate. About once per week I replace my pil­low­case with a fresh one, and wash all 4 together when they’ve all been used. This keeps bac­te­ria and oil that rub off from your skin and hair from stay­ing too long on the pil­low and poten­tially cre­at­ing skin prob­lems. I’ve been using silk pil­low­cases for over 7 years and I would never go back…oooh I love them!
  5. Eat foods that are rich in zinc and cop­per. Both are essen­tial for heal­ing skin, acne scars, and keep­ing you blemish-free. These foods include spinach, beef and veni­son (deer), sum­mer squash, unsul­phured black­strap molasses, aspara­gus, broc­coli, swiss chard, kale, and col­lard greens. (Just make sure it’s organic, and in the case of meat, organic and grass-fed.)
  6. Use nat­ural makeup, and wash it off every night. Your skin will take much longer to get bet­ter if you keep using drug­store or depart­ment store makeup loaded with chem­i­cals, preser­v­a­tives, and pore-clogging ingre­di­ents. Opt for mineral-based makeup, such as Alima or Vapour (there are many other awe­some nat­ural makeup brands!) that will actu­ally nour­ish your skin and sit on the sur­face, not cause black­heads and blem­ishes. When you remove your makeup at night, dip a cot­ton pad or ball into olive oil or coconut oil, and swipe over your face to remove. Then con­tinue with your nor­mal skin care regimen.
  7. Take it easy. Stress is a very com­mon acne trig­ger, so make time for your­self when you need it, try some relax­ing yoga classes or DVDs, walk or oth­er­wise exer­cise daily (I love BodyRock.tv — I do her work­outs 5 times per week), lis­ten to relax­ing music, get qual­ity sleep, and just breathe deeply. You can even get some herbal assis­tance from Valer­ian Root (check with your physi­cian if needed), which calms the nerves (use only at night and when you’re not plan­ning on dri­ving). Eat­ing well will also make stress less harm­ful on your organs, since they won’t be work­ing as hard as they nor­mally would if you’re eat­ing junk, not exer­cis­ing, and stress­ing out at the same time.
  8. Drink lots of water! I men­tioned this in my other posts, but it’s worth say­ing again: drink water! No soda, no cof­fee, no Star­bucks or slurpees. Herbal teas are just fine (my favorite is loose bulk tea from Moun­tain Rose Herbs or “Detox” blend from Yogi Tea). Good old fash­ioned water will keep your cells hydrated, result­ing in fresh, dewy, plump skin. You can even elim­i­nate black­heads by drink­ing enough water (go for 2 liters per day, more if you’re active or live in a dry cli­mate). Just remem­ber to use a good water fil­ter. I always rec­om­mend Envi­ron­men­tal Water Sys­tems because they have the high­est medical-grade fil­ter avail­able (children’s hos­pi­tals and the mil­i­tary use their units) so it gets out all the chlo­rine and pol­lu­tants in our water. At the very least, make sure your drink­ing water and shower water are filtered.
  9. Don’t touch or pick at your skin. I see this so often — it’s no won­der that I see some­one get a blem­ish in the same spot where they were fondling their face ear­lier. If you have an itch, use the back of your hand or a clean shirt sleeve.
  10. Clean your phone reg­u­larly, espe­cially if you have a habit of rest­ing your phone against your cheek. Dip a cot­ton ball in rub­bing alco­hol and wipe down your phone about once per week.

I really hope that was help­ful! Let me know what you think and if you have any requests for future posts or videos. :) More DIY skin­care recipes are on their way — I’m going to show you how to get rid of acne scars with a few of them.


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