Face Contouring & Anti-Aging Massage Tutorial

Hey every­one!

I came across a post from Sesame at Viva­Woman back in Decem­ber, where she talked about a pop­u­lar Japan­ese face con­tour­ing mas­sage by Yukuko Tanaka. I was fas­ci­nated with this because 1. I love the Japan­ese cul­ture, food, his­tory, and com­plex­ions :D, and 2. I love massages.

The mas­sage is cred­ited for reduc­ing and pre­vent­ing wrin­kles, improv­ing sag­ging skin, min­i­miz­ing pore size, elim­i­nat­ing puffy eyes and under-eye bags, and improv­ing skin tone and skin texture.

I researched for sev­eral days hop­ing to find Eng­lish trans­la­tions of the videos to share with you, but there were none at all, only bits and pieces of Eng­lish tran­scripts with some pictures.

So I had the videos trans­lated for you guys (a won­der­ful man named Szu did an incred­i­ble job, and refused any pay­ment for his trans­la­tion work, I’m extremely grate­ful to him), and I worked until 4 am this morn­ing to do the Eng­lish sub­ti­tles and Eng­lish voiceovers. And voila! I have posted them on my YouTube chan­nel today so you can start doing this 3-minute anti-aging massage!



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