12 Quick Anti-Aging Tips

12 Quick Anti-Aging Tips

Preserve Your Youth - 12 Anti-Aging Tips

Pre­serve Your Skin!

How to have young skin for a life­time with my 12 solid anti-aging tips that you can start imple­ment­ing right now.

1. Sun­block. Wear an SPF 15 or 30 every day to pre­vent UVA and UVB rays from aging your skin. Com­pare a wom­an who has been out in the sun all her life with a wom­an who has avoid­ed it — there is a huge dif­fer­ence in the skin tone, tex­ture, and amount of wrinkling/sagging. Wear a hat, too. 😉

2. Addic­tions. Do your best to break any addic­tion you have to cig­a­rettes, cof­fee, and alco­hol. It’s not sexy, and it makes you age pre­ma­ture­ly. There are many books and pro­grams that are inex­pen­sive that can help you break your habits if you need it. The reward is a life­time of smooth, youth­ful skin and a healthy body. If you want to look wrin­kled with dull, dry skin, then keep smok­ing and drink­ing.

3. Diet. Eat a healthy, skin-lov­ing diet of organ­ic fruit, veg­eta­bles, leafy greens, healthy fats (e.g. olive oil, almonds, yogurt, kefir), brown rice, and (if you’re not veg­e­tar­i­an or veg­an) fish and organ­ic, grass-fed meat. Avoid grains (except rice), wheat, refined sug­ar, flours, processed food, fast food, cof­fee, and cow dairy. This way of eat­ing will provide you with a good foun­da­tion of antiox­i­dants and nutri­ents that keep you healthy and your skin glow­ing.

4. Sup­ple­ments. Take a qual­i­ty food-based mul­ti­vi­t­a­m­in. I now take a food-based (non-syn­thet­ic) sup­ple­ment, Gar­den of Life Raw One for Wom­en, and they have a whole selec­tion of mul­ti­vi­t­a­mins. Include extra vit­a­m­in C, cod liv­er oil or fish oil cap­sules, and any oth­er sup­ple­ments you think might be worth­while. I take Gar­den of Life Raw Vit­a­m­in C (I longer use Health Force vit­a­m­in C cher­ry pow­der because I found out they use mal­todex­trin in their for­mu­la — more on that lat­er), Carl­son Labs Cod Liv­er Oil in lemon fla­vor, and Gar­den of Life Oceans 3 Beyond Omega 3 cap­sules. Dr. Per­ri­cone has a great book called The Wrin­kle Cure, where he high­lights a list of sup­ple­ments that are high­ly ben­e­fi­cial to your skin, how much to take, and why. Per his rec­om­men­da­tions, I now take ascor­byl palmi­tate, astax­an­thin, alpha lipoic acid, l-carnosine from a com­pa­ny called Pure Encap­su­la­tions (I pur­chase them via Raw­Matt). I also take 2,000–3,000 mg of MSM from Par­adise Herbs per day, in cap­sule form. I love the MSM espe­cial­ly, it makes my skin feel super smooth. The oth­er vit­a­mins are just major aging pre­ven­ta­tives, and I’d rather start now in my 20’s rather than wait until I see signs of aging.

Just a side­note: none of the sup­ple­ments I take con­tain mag­ne­sium stearate, artif­i­cal col­ors, artif­i­cal fla­vor­ings, or fillers. I would not take them or rec­om­mend them if they had any junk in them.

5. Mois­tur­ize. Keep your skin moist and pro­tect­ed (think of a dry, cracked piece of bread ver­sus one that is moist with a lay­er of but­ter or olive oil on it). Use an all-nat­u­ral, paraben-free mois­tur­iz­er. You can also use coconut oil, olive oil, shea but­ter, jojoba oil, or sweet almond oil to mois­tur­ize your face and body. For addi­tion­al ben­e­fit at night, you can add some vit­a­m­in E to your mois­tur­iz­er for a lit­tle antiox­i­dant boost. Through­out the day, mist your face with a flow­er hydrosol from Moun­tain Rose Herbs, or a Misty Facial Spray from Real Puri­ty.

6. No Pick­ing. Be kind and gen­tle to your skin, no mat­ter what state it is in. If you get a break­out, don’t pick! Don’t believe me? Go read Stop Pick­ing On Me (it’s free) and you will have a new, pro­found under­stand­ing and respect for your skin. Treat blem­ish­es with tea tree oil or neem oil, or Der­ma-Rx Blem­ish Spot treat­ment. Use a mois­tur­iz­er that has heal­ing prop­er­ties from a qual­i­ty nat­u­ral brand like 100% Pure, Dr. Alkaitis, or Sophy­to. Con­ceal your blem­ish with a fruit-pig­ment­ed heal­ing con­ceal­er from 100% Pure, Jane Iredale, or Liv­ing Nature.

7. Sleep. Try to get a on good sleep rou­tine where you go to sleep by 10 pm. This can be hard (I often lose track of time and end up get­ting to bed at 1 am), but you will feel 10 times bet­ter when you go to sleep ear­lier and get a full 8+ hours of sleep. Your skin will also look reju­ve­nat­ed and glow­ing instead of sleep deprived and dull. Late­ly I’ve been stick­ing to a decent rou­tine, going to sleep between 10 and 11 pm, and I feel and see a HUGE dif­fer­ence. I’m going to do my best to stick with it.

8. Exfo­li­ate. If you have sen­si­tive or dry skin, exfo­li­ate once per week with a very gen­tle scrub that doesn’t con­tain any ground seeds or shells. Since my skin is very sen­si­tive, I love using Natur­o­path­i­ca Gly­col­ic Acid, and yogurt/milk/sour cream or fruit masks to slough off dead skin with­out any scrub­bing. Plus, I find that acid gels and masks pre­vent black­heads and blem­ish­es, even out skin tone, and remove dead cells with­out mak­ing your skin flaky (this tends to hap­pen if you have dry or com­bo skin). For nor­mal, oily, thick­er skin and male skin, you can exfo­li­ate 1–3 times per week with a gen­tle scrub (again, no ground seeds). For all skin types, feel free to use a love­ly sug­ar scrub on your body and lips — you can buy one or make one your­self with one of my recipes on this blog.

9. Exer­cise. Phys­i­cal activ­i­ty brings cir­cu­la­tion to your skin and hair, which results in radi­ant skin and healthy hair. Exer­cise also shut­tles waste prod­ucts out of the lym­ph and blood stream much quick­er than if you sat on your butt all day. For dewy, young skin, aim for yoga or pilates 3 times per week, try cir­cuit train­ing at least 2 times per week (check out BodyRock.tv for free work­outs), and walk/take the stairs as much as pos­si­ble. You can also try box­ing or kick­box­ing for an awe­some car­dio work­out.

10. Take It Off. Remove all your make­up before going to sleep, even if it’s 4 am. Going to bed with­out wash­ing your face after a day of wear­ing make­up, run­ning errands, and work­ing around the office and house is a recipe for pre­ma­ture aging and blem­ish­es.

11. Stay Hydrat­ed. Drink lots of fil­tered water or fresh spring water for hydrat­ed, smooth skin. I aim for 1/2 — 1 gal­lon per day to keep my skin plump and smooth.

12. Keep Reg­u­lar. That might sound weird to some of you, but get­ting enough fiber is real­ly impor­tant. If you fol­low tip #3, this shouldn’t be a prob­lem, but just in case, you can add aca­cia fiber pow­der or fiber cap­sules to your diet right before or dur­ing meals (I add 1 Tbsp. of aca­cia fiber to water, smooth­ies, sauces, etc.). This keeps your intesti­nes clear, which helps keep your skin clear and sup­ple. Allow­ing your body to elim­i­nate waste through the intesti­nes and colon instead of through the skin is much bet­ter for your body and for your self-esteem (clear skin tends to make you feel more con­fi­dent, as we know).

Here’s to your life­time of beau­ti­ful, youth­ful skin!

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