10 Best Natural Skin & Hair Care Products of 2009

10 Best Natural Skin & Hair Care Products of 2009

10 Best Natural Skin & Hair Care Products

Even though Epic Beauty Guide launched less than one week ago, I have sur­pris­ingly been receiv­ing quite a few emails regard­ing nat­u­ral skin care prod­ucts. So I decided to wran­gle up my Top 10 Favorite Nat­u­ral Skin & Hair Care Prod­ucts — and nooo, I’m not paid or spon­sored by any of them.

Enjoy and Happy Hol­i­days!

1. 100% Pure. With such a deli­cious med­ley of fruit enzyme scrubs, lotions with mouth-water­ing scents like “Dark Choco­late Mocha” and “Honey Almond,” and lus­cious body washes with equally yummy fla­vors, who could resist? Most impor­tant, their line is incred­i­bly clean and free of sneaky, unfriendly ingre­di­ents. A few of their prod­ucts (I believe it is just their body washes) con­tain less than 0.1% potas­sium sor­bate, a food-grade salt preser­v­a­tive that pre­vents fer­men­ta­tion. This is an accept­able preser­v­a­tive, as it presents no car­cino­genic risk and is water sol­uble, so it is not stored in our bod­ies. Plus, their cus­tomer ser­vice is a dream and their owner, Susie Wang, comes across very gen­uine and car­ing (and appar­ently she’s going to start a nat­u­ral cloth­ing line soon — that’s going to be awe­some!). Oh oh, P.S. their facial mois­tur­iz­ers (love their Aqua Boost Hydrate Serum) will leave you with baby soft skin. 100% Pure is 100% Amaz­ing (cheesy, but so true).

2. Talu­lah. I am fairly new to this brand, but I’m already in love with their home­spun view on beauty and the truly 100% nat­u­ral ingre­di­ents that go with it. Their founder/CEO, Nicole, is an estheti­cian and herbal­ist who for­mu­lates every pro­duct in the Talu­lah line. Every­thing from their lux­u­ri­ous cleansers to their nour­ish­ing facial masks have pure plant ingre­di­ents and home­o­pathics that ben­e­fit a vari­ety of skin types and relieve numer­ous com­plaints. One of their pop­u­lar prod­ucts is the Vanilla Bean Reju­ve­nat­ing Cleanser, made with organic sugar and jas­mine rice for beau­ti­fully pol­ished, blem­ish-free skin. And the pam­per­ing doesn’t stop there — after cleans­ing, indulge your skin with their nutri­ent-rich Oma Face Serums and, for some seri­ous repair, try a 30-day inten­sive with their sub­lime White Flower Per­fect­ing Nec­tar. Yum!

3. Evan Healy. “The skin breathes” is their tagline and the under­tone to this entire line. The result­ing for­mu­la­tions are light, yet supremely nour­ish­ing and effec­tive. Dur­ing one win­ter, I had ungodly dry skin and per­sisent red dry patches on my cheeks and chin (awe­some, I know), and Evan’s Rose Cleans­ing Milk was my sav­ior, swiftly replac­ing my irri­tated skin cells with fresh, happy new ones in a mat­ter of days. Their Rose­hip Treat­ment Facial Serum is another beauty, made entirely of pure organic seed and essen­tial oils to repair and soothe del­i­cate, dry skin.

4. Suki Pure. This is one line I have been watch­ing since its incep­tion, and the company’s owner, Suki (go fig­ure), is clearly a pas­sion­ate indi­vid­ual with a good help­ing of integrity. Her skin care prod­ucts are con­sis­tently held to high stan­dards and as a result, they have received many pos­i­tive reviews and awards. One of their most cus­tomer-acclaimed prod­ucts is the Exfo­li­ate Foam­ing Cleanser, a deli­cious daily skin treat made with lemon­grass, rice, and organic sugar attrib­uted to clear­ing blem­ishes and keep­ing the skin soft and youth­ful. Their creams, ton­ers, and treat­ments are sim­i­larly for­mu­lated with pure, all nat­u­ral, organic ingre­di­ents with­out a hint of junk, fillers, or preser­v­a­tives. And they work. Hooray!

5. Sophyto. This expertly for­mu­lated line hails from the UK, and its organic stan­dards and unique offer­ings make it quite the win­ner. I love that their entire line is pH bal­anced, ensur­ing your skin is going to stay soft and clean after wash­ing, instead of tight and in imme­di­ate need of some mois­tur­iza­tion. Their Polyphe­nol Skin Drops are cer­tainly a unique treat, and can be used in place of water for rins­ing off your cleanser if you have chlo­ri­nated (a major skin irri­tant) water. Over­all, a great line to try.

6. Liv­ing Nature. An amaz­ing, com­plete line from New Zealand — and if you’re a guy in need of a qual­ity, nat­u­ral shav­ing cream and after­shave, look no fur­ther! Their ingre­di­ents are impres­sive, their line is exten­sive, and they have some­thing superb and effec­tive for every­one. I can’t wait to try their Bal­anc­ing Sham­poo, made with Manuka honey, mead­ow­foam, coconut oil, and vit­a­min E (but at $20 for just 6.7 ounces, the price is a wee bit steeper than I’m used to with other nat­u­ral, organic lines).

7. John Mas­ters Organ­ics. If you’re like me and enjoy treat­ing your hair to the same nat­u­ral, Nature-lov­ing elixirs you put on your skin, then give this line a try. Their Herbal Cider Hair Clar­i­fier and alco­hol-free Sweet Orange & Silk Pro­tein Styling Gel are absolute all-stars, while the rest of his hair­care line shi­nes just as bright. Cru­elty-free, organic, and made with top notch ingre­di­ents that make your hair look and feel won­der­ful — could you really ask for any­thing more?

8. Intel­li­gent Nutri­ents. Oh my, what a beau­ti­ful, well-crafted line this is. While their pric­ing is pretty steep, one can’t deny the qual­ity, purity, and effec­tive­ness this hair and skin care line pro­vides. And because each pro­duct is for­mu­lated with com­pletely nat­u­ral (and tech­ni­cally edi­ble) ingre­di­ents, you can use many of them in mul­ti­ple ways — Organic Fin­ish­ing Gloss for your hair only? Nay! You can use it as a mas­sage oil or after­shave as well. And a lit­tle piece of trivia for you: IN’s founder and pas­sion­ate herbal­ist is Horst Rechel­bacher, founder of Aveda, one of the orig­i­nal nat­u­ral pro­duct lines many of us came to love (Aveda was sold to Estee Lauder in 1997 and is, unfor­tu­nately, being turned into the usual main­stream chem­i­cal-filled crap).

9. Real Purity. Okay, so their web­site is the exact oppo­site of good or pretty (God, how I would love to redo their site — awe­some com­pa­nies need awe­some web­sites, and that kinda thing gets me all antsy), their prod­ucts are as nat­u­ral, sim­ple, and lovely as it gets. Vir­ginia Jenk­ins, RP’s owner, is richly involved in her prod­ucts’ for­mu­la­tion and even for­mu­lated one of the first nat­u­ral mas­caras on the mar­ket. Their Sen­si­tive Hair Spray is a dream come true, pro­vid­ing glo­ri­ous, shine-enhanc­ing nutri­ents (all com­pletely alco­hol-free!) to your mane — it’s not your typ­i­cal icky sticky hair spray. I love how afford­able their prod­ucts are, and you can give every­thing a shot by buy­ing sam­ples for only a few bucks. I am excited to try their Misty Facial Spray (a min­eral rich arte­sian water mist for the skin) and a few of their cos­met­ics for my upcom­ing cos­met­ics reviews videos and posts. This should be great!

10. Sun­coat. This kinda makes me gig­gle because I reg­u­larly mis­pro­nounce and mis­spell it Sungoat, but truth­fully, that is part of the grand appeal to me. This line is all sugar, spice, and every­thig nice — quite lit­er­ally! Their nat­u­ral hair care prod­ucts are sugar-based and sen­sa­tional, pro­vid­ing supe­rior hold, shine, and man­age­abil­ity to your hair. They are an unde­ni­ably won­der­ful alter­na­tive to the usual chem­i­cals.

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