10 Best Natural Skin & Hair Care Products of 2009

10 Best Natural Skin & Hair Care Products of 2009

10 Best Natural Skin & Hair Care Products

Even though Epic Beauty Guide launched less than one week ago, I have surprisingly been receiving quite a few emails regarding natural skin care products. So I decided to wrangle up my Top 10 Favorite Natural Skin & Hair Care Products — and nooo, I’m not paid or sponsored by any of them.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

1. 100% Pure. With such a delicious medley of fruit enzyme scrubs, lotions with mouth-watering scents like “Dark Chocolate Mocha” and “Honey Almond,” and luscious body washes with equally yummy flavors, who could resist? Most important, their line is incredibly clean and free of sneaky, unfriendly ingredients. A few of their products (I believe it is just their body washes) contain less than 0.1% potassium sorbate, a food-grade salt preservative that prevents fermentation. This is an acceptable preservative, as it presents no carcinogenic risk and is water soluble, so it is not stored in our bodies. Plus, their customer service is a dream and their owner, Susie Wang, comes across very genuine and caring (and apparently she’s going to start a natural clothing line soon — that’s going to be awesome!). Oh oh, P.S. their facial moisturizers (love their Aqua Boost Hydrate Serum) will leave you with baby soft skin. 100% Pure is 100% Amazing (cheesy, but so true).

2. Talulah. I am fairly new to this brand, but I’m already in love with their homespun view on beauty and the truly 100% natural ingredients that go with it. Their founder/CEO, Nicole, is an esthetician and herbalist who formulates every product in the Talulah line. Everything from their luxurious cleansers to their nourishing facial masks have pure plant ingredients and homeopathics that benefit a variety of skin types and relieve numerous complaints. One of their popular products is the Vanilla Bean Rejuvenating Cleanser, made with organic sugar and jasmine rice for beautifully polished, blemish-free skin. And the pampering doesn’t stop there — after cleansing, indulge your skin with their nutrient-rich Oma Face Serums and, for some serious repair, try a 30-day intensive with their sublime White Flower Perfecting Nectar. Yum!

3. Evan Healy. “The skin breathes” is their tagline and the undertone to this entire line. The resulting formulations are light, yet supremely nourishing and effective. During one winter, I had ungodly dry skin and persisent red dry patches on my cheeks and chin (awesome, I know), and Evan’s Rose Cleansing Milk was my savior, swiftly replacing my irritated skin cells with fresh, happy new ones in a matter of days. Their Rosehip Treatment Facial Serum is another beauty, made entirely of pure organic seed and essential oils to repair and soothe delicate, dry skin.

4. Suki Pure. This is one line I have been watching since its inception, and the company’s owner, Suki (go figure), is clearly a passionate individual with a good helping of integrity. Her skin care products are consistently held to high standards and as a result, they have received many positive reviews and awards. One of their most customer-acclaimed products is the Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser, a delicious daily skin treat made with lemongrass, rice, and organic sugar attributed to clearing blemishes and keeping the skin soft and youthful. Their creams, toners, and treatments are similarly formulated with pure, all natural, organic ingredients without a hint of junk, fillers, or preservatives. And they work. Hooray!

5. Sophyto. This expertly formulated line hails from the UK, and its organic standards and unique offerings make it quite the winner. I love that their entire line is pH balanced, ensuring your skin is going to stay soft and clean after washing, instead of tight and in immediate need of some moisturization. Their Polyphenol Skin Drops are certainly a unique treat, and can be used in place of water for rinsing off your cleanser if you have chlorinated (a major skin irritant) water. Overall, a great line to try.

6. Living Nature. An amazing, complete line from New Zealand — and if you’re a guy in need of a quality, natural shaving cream and aftershave, look no further! Their ingredients are impressive, their line is extensive, and they have something superb and effective for everyone. I can’t wait to try their Balancing Shampoo, made with Manuka honey, meadowfoam, coconut oil, and vitamin E (but at $20 for just 6.7 ounces, the price is a wee bit steeper than I’m used to with other natural, organic lines).

7. John Masters Organics. If you’re like me and enjoy treating your hair to the same natural, Nature-loving elixirs you put on your skin, then give this line a try. Their Herbal Cider Hair Clarifier and alcohol-free Sweet Orange & Silk Protein Styling Gel are absolute all-stars, while the rest of his haircare line shines just as bright. Cruelty-free, organic, and made with top notch ingredients that make your hair look and feel wonderful — could you really ask for anything more?

8. Intelligent Nutrients. Oh my, what a beautiful, well-crafted line this is. While their pricing is pretty steep, one can’t deny the quality, purity, and effectiveness this hair and skin care line provides. And because each product is formulated with completely natural (and technically edible) ingredients, you can use many of them in multiple ways — Organic Finishing Gloss for your hair only? Nay! You can use it as a massage oil or aftershave as well. And a little piece of trivia for you: IN’s founder and passionate herbalist is Horst Rechelbacher, founder of Aveda, one of the original natural product lines many of us came to love (Aveda was sold to Estee Lauder in 1997 and is, unfortunately, being turned into the usual mainstream chemical-filled crap).

9. Real Purity. Okay, so their website is the exact opposite of good or pretty (God, how I would love to redo their site — awesome companies need awesome websites, and that kinda thing gets me all antsy), their products are as natural, simple, and lovely as it gets. Virginia Jenkins, RP’s owner, is richly involved in her products’ formulation and even formulated one of the first natural mascaras on the market. Their Sensitive Hair Spray is a dream come true, providing glorious, shine-enhancing nutrients (all completely alcohol-free!) to your mane — it’s not your typical icky sticky hair spray. I love how affordable their products are, and you can give everything a shot by buying samples for only a few bucks. I am excited to try their Misty Facial Spray (a mineral rich artesian water mist for the skin) and a few of their cosmetics for my upcoming cosmetics reviews videos and posts. This should be great!

10. Suncoat. This kinda makes me giggle because I regularly mispronounce and misspell it Sungoat, but truthfully, that is part of the grand appeal to me. This line is all sugar, spice, and everythig nice — quite literally! Their natural hair care products are sugar-based and sensational, providing superior hold, shine, and manageability to your hair. They are an undeniably wonderful alternative to the usual chemicals.

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